While bodywear, shapewear, and body cinchers all come in different forms, they all serve one purpose: to boost a lady’s confidence in their bodies by tucking excess body flab. While working out is still the best solution, there are days when you don’t feel firm enough, or you feel bloated, and you’ve got a big day coming up. That’s when you need the extra push of an instant and absolute boost.

Bodywears are, in fact, a gift of technology. Made of special fabrics, this shapewear provides you the helping hand you need for a sleek and neat silhouette for some of your tightest dresses. Here are four (4) shapewear tips to ensure that using one will truly make you look great.

Stick To The Size That’s Best For You

One of the common mistakes when shopping for bodywear or shapewear has to do with forcing your body to go one size down. Many women think that going one size lower than your real size is going to give you that extra firm and sexy silhouette. False.

If you want to look and feel great with your bodywear, it’s best instead to stick to your size or one that’s accurate for you. This is one of the golden rules to follow when choosing from among the many waist cinchers for women. Otherwise, you will have to deal with painful bulges that may make you look even bigger.

Another good tip to follow when you shop for shapewear is always to try them out and see the size that fits you best. Then, have a pleasant walk around the store area, go up and down a flight of stairs, sit down and bend, and twist from the waist up. In so doing, you’re making sure that the size you’re buying stays in place and doesn’t create unsightly bulges. Even more important, you’re comfortable while wearing the piece.

feeling good with bodywear

Go For Body Suits

Among all of the options in the shapewear market, bodysuits are some of the best choices that you can make. These work best and give you that added lift. They smoothen out your belly, give your breasts a little lift, and even makes your butt look smooth. When worn under a dress, it gives you a fantastic shape.

At the same time, bodysuits are generally most comfortable to wear. They’re perfect to go with any outfit you have from ordinary shirts to office attire, even a formal dress.

Choose Smooth Lines And Medium Constrictions

When wearing a body shaper, you want the whole world to know that you’re using one. As to the material and structure of the body wear that you buy, choose one with medium constrictions and smooth lines. You can learn more about this by checking the label attached to the body wear.

Here’s a pro tip for you to follow. The higher the nylon content of your shapewear, the better is its ability to alter and cinch your shape, as if you’ve given yourself that body-shaping workout that you’ve always wanted to do. Another pro tip is that it should also be smooth and lightweight so that it can shape out any unwanted curves from your body.

When you put it on and look in the mirror, you should see something that gives you confidence that your body wear is going to stay comfortable and secure while keeping your body in shape for an entire day or night.

Body Control Dresses Are An Option

If you’re not very keen on wearing a bodysuit, another good choice is a body control dress, also known as a slip. It’s so comfortable that, when wearing it, you feel as though you’re wearing an inner dress or a slip. The overall feel that the body control dress should give you is that it hugs your curves in the right place so that you look smooth and toned.

When you’re going to wear a formal dress to an evening affair, your body control dress is the best way for you to go. It puts you in shape without making you feel so overly cinched that you can’t even enjoy a good dinner.


Shapewear isn’t always a requirement to dress well but, from time to time, it can give you an added boost of confidence. When you don’t feel firm enough or if you feel bloated and you’ve got a big day coming up, well-chosen shapewear can be your best friend. The four (4) insider tips summarized in this article can help you unlock the magic of shapewear so you can step out feeling sexier, more beautiful, and confident.