Staying on top of childcare is not easy by any means. You’ll find yourself faced with challenges and situations that may be difficult to overcome because you simply don’t know how to do it right. One of these challenges can be hiring the right nanny for your kids. A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t hire a competent nanny. While you’re away from home, there is no way to tell whether you made the right decision or not. It’s at that time that you have to follow a set of steps to ensure that you hire a nanny that is trustworthy and will follow your orders to the letter. This is why we’ve created this simple guide to help you find the perfect nanny.

Go Through the Fundamentals

You generally always have some basic instructions to go through before hiring a nanny. You must ensure that the person you hire is okay with what you want them to do before you do so. Therefore, you must tell them what you’re expecting them to do in terms of caring for the children, safety, and reliability. How much they’ll be able to care for your children while you’re gone is actually the determining factor of whether they’re a good nanny or not. The children must also be safe and sound at all times. This means the nanny must prevent any potential accidents or injuries that might befall the children. Lastly, the nanny should be reliable and responsible, which means that they should show up on time. If they won’t be able to make it, they must give you a notice in advance.

Use a Nanny Cam

The person you’re hiring will obviously claim to abide by your instructions to the letter. However, sometimes distasteful past experiences might still make you wary of their competence. This is why you should consider installing nanny cams in your house. A lot of mothers and fathers are now buying spy gear for that purpose alone; however, other people fear following this step due to its legal implications. Unlawful surveillance is, of course, punishable by the law, which is why you must go through the laws in your state/province related to installing nanny cams in your house and ensure that you’re following them. To err on the side of safety, it is recommended that you outright tell your nanny about the cams. Knowing they’re being watched will increase their ability to abide by your rules.

Disciplinary Methods

The way nannies manage disciplinary issues is another important indicator of how they can take care of your children during your absence. Typically, a nanny must be calm and collected. They must never raise their voice to threaten or resort to physical punishment to bring order no matter what the circumstance is. You can know this either by installing a webcam in your house or by asking your children how their nanny treats them. However, a nanny must also be able to establish house rules and make your children abide by them. If their disciplinary methods apply both of these rules, they will certainly make a good caretaker.


Your children probably won’t behave if they don’t like the nanny. This is why establishing a good, healthy relationship between your children and the nanny is a must. If there’s someone that your kids know and love, they’d make a good candidate for a nanny position. A stranger may not be to your children’s liking, especially if they have an austere demeanor. Another way to tell whether or not your children like the nanny is through observation. See if they’re happy to see her, if they’re comfortable around her, or if they talk non-stop to her. They must also be well-fed and cleaned in her care. In addition to that, there must be a good relationship between you and the nanny. They must be cooperative, willing to communicate and listen to your suggestions, and must keep you up to date on your kids’ behavior and wellness on a regular basis.


Set a Routine for Recaps

After a long day at work, going home, and setting the table for dinner will put everyone in a pleasant mood. Unless you have a live-in arrangement, your nanny would want to go home. If you want the nanny to provide you with a recap of the day, it will be a little difficult for them, especially that they’ll probably be tired. In that case, they can make a written recap instead of a verbal one. 

There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a nanny, but the thing that should concern you the most is your children’s wellbeing. Because your children are growing up, their needs will change too, so make sure that you’re adjusting their disciplinary methods accordingly. A nanny is a valuable member of your team, so be sure that you hire the right one.