Since the legalization of marijuana, the marijuana industry has exploded and now you can find many different consumption methods on the market, ranging from dryer vaporizers to dab rigs, many art-styled bongs, marijuana bath salts, edibles, and more. 

One of those marijuana consumption methods, the dry herb vaporizer has become especially popular. They offer many different benefits, such as providing a healthy alternative to traditional combustion-based methods, portability, and allowing the user to vape anywhere. Having cartridges like these from Canna Cabana that can just be swapped out without fussing about grinding, allows the user to have more control over the effects that they’d like to experience. If you have just bought a dry herb vaporizer and are getting ready to use it for the first time, or perhaps this is your first time smoking marijuana, Yeah, are a few tips to make sure that your first vaping experience is pleasant.

Have Plenty of Water Ready 

The first thing that you should do before using the vaporizer is to make sure that you’re stocked up with water. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of consuming marijuana is something called cottonmouth. Cottonmouth is the slang term that describes the dry sensation that someone feels when consuming marijuana.

To prevent this from happening, you should drink quite a lot of water before you consume marijuana and continue to drink water whilst consuming. Another thing that you could do is when you smoke marijuana, avoid eating sugary foods.

Grind The Marijuana 

The next thing that you should do if you want to make sure that your vaping experience is pleasant is to grind the marijuana before you place it in the chamber. This is because the most common heating method used by most vaporizers is conduction. With the conduction heating method, the marijuana has to make contact with the bottom of the chamber, which heats up and leads to the marijuana being vaporized.

If you don’t grind the marijuana, it is often clumpy and difficult to vaporize or heat up, which means that the vaporizer will have to work twice as hard. This will result in the atomizer and battery wearing out faster than they should.

Make Sure the Device Is Clean 

Another great tip to make sure that your first vaping experience is pleasant is to make sure that the device that you’re using is clean. Perhaps the device isn’t yours and you are borrowing your friends, or you are planning on consuming with your friends using their dry herb vaporizer. 

The reason the device should be clean is that after a few uses, little chunks of marijuana might remain in the chamber, along with residue and resin. Not cleaning the device is another thing that causes the atomizer and battery to wear out faster than they should since it needs to work harder to vaporize everything that’s in the chamber.

Prepare Some Food 

If you’ve never consumed marijuana before or you don’t have any friends that consume marijuana, then you might not know that one of the side effects of smoking marijuana is the munchies. This is another slang term used to describe the hunger that is experienced after consuming marijuana.

The reason people get hungry after consuming marijuana is that it Interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain, which is responsible for many things, one of them being controlling our appetite. In a nutshell, marijuana stimulates the release of a hormone called ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry.

Clear Your Day 

This isn’t so much a technical tip on how to make the vaping experience pleasant, although it is a tip that will help you enjoy the experience. If this is your first time-consuming marijuana Then you probably won’t be anticipating the psychoactive effects that you might experience. 

Some people might find it difficult to concentrate, whilst other people might feel a little bit lazier than usual and more. Clearing your day, you are avoiding any complications that might arise from needing to leave your house.

Select The Right Temperature for You 

The final tip is to select the right temperature for you. The great thing about dry herb vaporizers is that they allow you to select the temperature. depending the temperature selected will determine the effects that you feel.

This is because different cannabinoids are activated at different temperatures. So, for example, if you want to experience lighter effects you would select a lower temperature. If you want to experience stronger effects, then you would select a higher temperature.