Your home is the safe haven you escape to at the end of a trying, hectic day. It’s the place you rewind from your daily stress and recharge your soul to start your days with a focused mind and energized spirit. 

However, you can’t achieve that if your home adds to your ever-rising stress. There are various reasons your home may be one of your stressors, but we’re here to tell you how to make it a more tranquil place. Here’s what you need to do. 

Re-Create a Safe Haven

The truth is, your home won’t be your safe haven unless you design it to be. 

Think about the place that resonates the most with your soul. Remember the times when you were the happiest and most serene. Were you at the beach or on the top of a mountain? Were you taking a stroll down a garden or by the river? 

Focus on the elements of the places you love, then incorporate some of them into your home. Add a painting of a mountain or a waterfall. Install an indoor or outdoor fountain, or play water stream sounds to set the mood. The key is to add natural elements to your home to remind you of the places you love.

Dedicate a Space for Venting Out Stress

Despite our best efforts, stress will always seep into our daily lives. If it’s inevitable, isn’t it smarter to create a zone where we can vent out the stress before it accumulates?

Think of all the activities you feel rejuvenated by doing. Maybe you love working out or enjoy a more chill activity like reading, painting, or playing the piano. Once you identify the activity you love the most, dedicate a space for it. 

You can build a home gym, or opt for adding a few dumbbells and kettlebells. Maybe you prefer a more active workout, in which case installing a kickboxing sandbag will be a great option. Or perhaps you’ll prefer installing a piano or designated a reading/drawing/painting area. Just do whatever appeals to you.

Add Some Greens

There’s something about taking care of vulnerable creatures that makes us peaceful. If you’ve ever tried growing a plant, you’ll know the benefits of being surrounded by greenery. 

It’s always a good idea to add some greens to your home. If you’re not sure where to start, a tree philodendron makes a statement that’s hard to be rivaled. The deeply lobed plant with its heart-shaped glossy leaves can majestically complement blank walls or perfectly balance oversized rooms. 

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been trending lately, and for good reason. Research has proven how aromatherapy relieves stress and enhances mood. All you need to do is light a scented candle or burn incense, and you can reap the benefits of the passive stress-relieving tool. Sandalwood, eucalyptus, and lavender scents are all-time favorites – you can never go wrong with any of them.

To make it even more effective, use scents that remind you of beloved places. These scents can help you visualize and revisit dreamy and tranquil places, thanks to their ability to stimulate scent memory. 

Turn Up the Tunes

There’s something magical about music that just resonates with the soul. Everyone has their preferred music genres, so picking your tunes will depend on your taste. That said, certain classics can always get you into relaxation mode in no time. 

Look for instrumental tracks based on violin, piano, sax, or guitar. If you want to start the day on an energetic note, play upbeat tones of indie or deep house music. Even playing white sounds in the background can greatly help with relaxation, focus, and sleep. Every mood has its music, so be sure to stack up on different playlists. 

Keep Clutter at Bay

There’s nothing more harmful to the mind and soul than a place full of clutter. Clutter doesn’t only eat up your physical space, it occupies precious space in your mind and subconsciousness. 

Whether you work at home and need a productive environment or you need a tranquil space to relax after work, the key is to declutter your space. Keep your things organized, get creative with hidden storage places, and always keep an empty space in your rooms to move around freely. Minimalistic designs are popular for a reason, after all. 

Add Color Splashes on Neutral Backgrounds

Clutter isn’t limited to furniture and household items. Sometimes, too much color on the walls or the furniture can overload your senses. The essence of a tranquil home comes from designing it in a soothing manner, and the colors you choose will always be the starting place. 

The ultimate way to add color splashes is to start from neutral backgrounds. Shades of gray, off-white, mocha, cream, and taupe will always go perfectly with a wide range of colors. Only then can you get creative with your color splashes on household items from wall paintings and pillow covers, to central rugs and blinds – all these items will give a beautiful contrast if you pick a suitable vibrant color. 

Let in Natural Light

If you’re getting household plants, then it’s necessary to let in natural light anyway. However, natural light is still as crucial for your sake as it is for your plants. 

For starters, getting exposed to sunlight is necessary to receive your daily dose of vitamin D. Without it, you become at a higher risk of developing depression and lethargy. Not to mention, you’ll always instantly feel good whenever subjected to natural sunlight. 

Expert tip: maximize the strokes of natural light by adding a lot of reflective surfaces. 

Stock Your Kitchen with Comfort Food and Beverages

We saved the best for last! No sanctuary will be complete without a stock of comfort food and beverages. Make sure your mood is always perfect by having everything you need at your disposal. Stock your cupboards and fridge with hot cocoa, marshmallows, coffee, nuts, iced tea, and don’t forget your veggies and fruits.

tranquil place in your kitchen

Everyone deserves a sanctuary they can turn to for rewinding and recharging. For most of us, this is what a home should be like. Although it may take some initial effort on your part, you’re now one step away from a perfect, tranquil home.