It may be that you enjoyed getting out of the house and traveling to work each day. There’s a change in the environment, and the chance to communicate with colleagues. The gap between a person’s work and home life is greater this way. 

What the Covid pandemic has done is forced many people to work from home. Others have lost their jobs and are now trying to make money through freelancing. There are pros and cons to working from home, but fortunately, there are ways we can make the experience better. Let’s look at a few of these right now. 

Enjoy Your Coffee Breaks  

When people work from home they can easily forget to get out of their seats and take a break. Having a mid-morning cup of coffee can be really refreshing, however, and a caffeine rush can help a person become remotivated for work. The professionals at say that many people want to drink quality coffee from machines that they can rent or buy. They want them to use freshly ground coffee beans for maximum flavor as well. Fortunately, there are companies that can install the equipment, explain how to use it, and even service it on a regular basis.  

It’s also possible to make a drink quickly using a cafeteria or drip coffee machine. The choice may well depend on a person’s budget, and how much space is available in the office. 

Write Down The Positives

Whilst some introverts have been delighted to work from home, other more extroverted people have sorely missed human contact. It’s worth drawing up a list of the pro’s, so you can be regularly reminded of the positives. 

Working from home means that someone doesn’t have their boss constantly breathing down their neck. There may be a few people at work that are annoying or difficult to work with. They will be happier elsewhere during this season! 

Perhaps some people like the office windows open all year, no matter how cold it gets. Other colleagues may only be happy when the heating system is on maximum. When a person works from home, they get to choose the heating levels. 

Think of all the travel time that has been eliminated – and the saving on petrol and the car’s general wear and tear. If all else fails, simply remember that working from home may not be a permanent experience. 

Play Music

A workplace may be full of interruptions and unwanted background noise. Home workers can create their own working environment by playing the music of their choice. If the job is mentally taxing, try instrumental music, including the ambient genre. People are generally more productive in their work if they are relaxed this way. If the work consists of arts and crafts etc. that are not so mentally taxing, a wider range of music may be viable. 

Lighting And Colour

Make sure there is adequate lighting in the office. If someone is working at a desk it may be that a reading lamp may also be helpful. There should ideally be a window that can supply fresh air as well as light. When there is the movement of air, a person is less likely to get that sleepy feeling around 2 pm. The room color should ideally be white or pastel in nature. Bright colors could be overstimulating and distracting for the brain. 

home office
A Touch Of Nature

Offices are generally sterile in appearance, being custom made to contain chairs, desks, and cabinets. When someone works from home they have the option of adding as many plants or flowers as they like. Research has shown that plants actually help people relax. They can brighten up a dull room, and fill it with a beautiful fragrance too. 

If there is a family dog, why not have a pet bed in the office if there is space. It will be a therapeutic experience for both parties; plus there will be a reminder to take a healthy walk during the lunch break. 

Use Quality Furniture

Don’t be afraid to spend good money on an office desk, chair, and any work cabinets. They will look better and can be custom chosen for the space available. It may be that a corner desk will be a wise choice. Make sure that the chair and desk are fully adjustable, to minimize such health issues as back or neck pain, RSI, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

When all these things have been implemented, the home office should be a more appealing place to work. Also, add the discipline of regularly communicating with colleagues. This can be done through such applications as Slack, video conferencing, phone, or email.