In times past, it was easier for the living room to be the home’s social center. Many people had small bedrooms, so they were glad to occupy a larger space during the day. Once computer games and mobile phones had established themselves; however, there was an exodus by many young people back to their bedrooms.

Families must have daily times together, to relate and to catch up. Fortunately, there are ways we can attract people to our living rooms. What works for our families will work for our friends and other visitors too. Let’s take a look at some tips right now.

Buy An Oversized Recliner

There’s nothing like a new piece of furniture to attract people to the living room. According to the professionals from, an oversized recliner can be used for TV watching, eating snacks, taking naps, or having family moments. They can often support up to 250lbs in weight (up to 500lbs in some cases). They can provide a comfortable seat for tall people, family pets, and the whole family!

Some recliners even include cup holders and USB chargers. Recliners are more than a technological gimmick, however. They are great for reducing stress and providing head and leg support.

Set Up A Coffee Table

These days there are several ways to make coffee. Why not buy a french press or even a small coffee machine? There could be a stock of coffee pods featuring different types and flavors. If an espresso machine is purchased, it will probably have a built-in milk foamer. If not, buy one to create that great ‘hot bubbly milk’ effect.

Anyone limited for space could simply buy a trolley and use this for coffee making. It could be wheeled in from the kitchen – for instance, when there are guests around. When a quality cup of coffee is available, it’s amazing how many people will start appearing!

Buy A Large Screen Smart TV

This may particularly appeal to children and dads. If a large screen television is wall-mounted, it will give a mini-cinema feel to the living room. You can even take that cinematic experience to the next level with a laser TV. These are ultra-short throw projectors that sit directly under the screen and are designed to provide a gigantic picture even in well-lit environments like a living room. Add soundbars or a surround-sound system, and the experience will be complete.

Anyone who talks about home decor will say that the living room always needs a focal point, and the furniture should be facing toward it. In this case, the TV will be the focus. Smart televisions allow people to not just see live television. They can also watch such things as Netflix or Youtube.

Putting on a family film can be a great way to get everyone together for an hour or two.

Have A Fireplace

This is an alternative focus for the living room. There could be a stone fireplace with an actual fire if you have a chimney. Alternatively, a wood burner could be installed.

These days, many people don’t need a fireplace to keep their home warm – they have a heating system for that! Many modern appliances simply project the image of a roaring fireplace; they may or may not possess the ability to heat the room. What they DO achieve is to create a cozy atmosphere, particularly during those cold winter nights. Imagine a dog sleeping on the rug while a small child plays. It’s an idyllic setting, isn’t it?

beautiful living room

Buy A Games Table

This is much more low-tech than having a smart television. Having said that, it’s amazing how many young people still enjoy board games and the like. Why not buy a beautiful table and some chairs for this specific purpose? A fold-up table with folding chairs may provide a good option for people struggling with space.

Some tables have a large drawer underneath. This would be a good place to keep such things as Chess or card and board games. Jigsaw puzzles could go here too. Games provide a great way for families to have fun. They are also a good way to relax visitors.

General Furnishings

Another focal point for the room could be by having a large painting or picture. It’s also fashionable for several canvases to contribute to the one picture when they are put together.

Even something as simple as lighting can change the status of a room. If a dimmer switch is added, the room can be bright during the daytime yet restful for relaxing in the evenings. Alternatively, go big and bold with a chandelier. This will speak of comfort and luxury.

These have been just a few suggestions. They can make the living room look brighter, more comfortable, or more exciting. People will be drawn like a magnet, and your mission will have been accomplished.