Let’s be honest, a small bedroom with limited storage space has never stopped anyone from splurging during a shopping spree (I am guilty as charged). Most people in this situation, however, eventually face a problem; how best to avoid cluttering up their personal space? Thankfully, since the inception of space saving furniture, limited space does not present the same restraints it did in the past. These days living in small bedrooms does not mean you have to compromise on decor or storage. The following are some key points to keep in mind to effectively furnish and organize your small bedroom to maximize space:


Contemporarily styled beds embody the minimalist and sleek look that is perfect for a small bedroom. These are often less bulky than other styles, and hence save a lot of space. Several of these beds come with attached side cabinets and/or shelving, which increase convenience and storage. Beds that fold down into sofas are another excellent option.

Sliding wardrobe

The size and type of closet have a drastic effect on the organization of space in any bedroom. Sliding wardrobes are perfect in this regard. Sliding doors directly translate into more space, as one does not need to account for extra space for the opening of doors like in a typical wardrobe. They have large storage capacities, and they can be glossy or oak-paneled to suit your bed. If you opt for mirrored doors, this will instantly give the illusion of the room being much more significant than it actually is! Also, who wouldn’t want wide, full-length mirrors in their bedrooms?

Storage Ottoman

Ottoman storage benches or storage boxes are an excellent addition to small bedrooms. They come with a wooden or a cushioned finish, can be used instead of sofas for seating, and come in handy for storage of clothes, quilts, and assorted things. They can be placed at the foot of the bed, along with a wall, or even beside a window.

Chest of Drawers

A tall, narrow chest of drawers can easily be placed in any corner of a small bedroom. These do not take up much space and make organization a breeze. Shoes, clothes, and accessories can be stored in drawers. Investing in a few plastic or fabric drawer organizers will further help to keep things sorted. A good small-bedroom hack is to lean a mirror against the wall on top of the chest of drawers so it can double as a small dresser as well!

Wall Mounted Shelves

These are an essential tool in the battle against clutter. Wall shelves can be added to empty walls to store articles neatly in baskets or boxes that would otherwise take up floor space. These can also serve as a surface for decorative showpieces, books, and photo frames.

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