Technology has made cutting hair a pleasant experience. You no longer have to drear the next day you visit your hair stylists. For men especially, without using a good trimmer, you can end up hating adulthood because of how uncomfortable your beard will make you feel. It is a messy affair to always have acne, ingrown hairs, cuts and spots as the aftermath of your shave.

Ideally, there are three main skin types, that is, oily, dry, and normal. In most cases, people with normal skin type are not very prone to skin problems. The challenge mostly lies with the oily skin types, which tend to trap oils and dirt that block the skin pores and increase skin complications. The problem is in the sensitivity of your skin vis a vis the quality of the trimmer you choose. The good news is that most of the trimmers available today are suitable for all skin types. Here are several tips that can help you pick the best trimmer:

Consider the sharpness of the blades

No matter your hair type or skin type, the sharpness of the blade can better or worsen your experience. The severity of the negatives of a dull blade is more evident on people with very sensitive skill. A sharp blade reduces the effort you have to put when shaving. It also reduces the number of times you have to run through the same section to get all the hair properly trimmed.

A dull blade sees to it that the razor keeps pulling the hairs from your skin. Eventually, this leads to an uneven shave, inflamed skin, irritation, razor burns and can lead to a lot of ingrown hairs. Check out the Philips Norelco qc5580 review to find out why you need a trimmer that has replacement blades and foils readily available in stores.

Deliberate overheat control

No matter your skin type, heat can mess up your skin. A good trimmer should have a shave-head that does not produce too much heat. If this heat couples up with friction from shaving. You will end up dreading the entire experience, even though your goal was to look good. Instead, find one that you can control the heat. While at it, ensure you lubricate the razor frequently to help reduce the friction generated from the foils and the blades.

Pro tip: opt for razors with more powerful motors because they usually are smoother and faster.

Dry and Wet Operation

Did you know that not all blades can function in both dry and wet environments? So what happens when you want to shave while in the shower? Will your trimmer give up on you? Make it a priority to check that the blade you choose favors both dry and wet operations. It also matters that hair behaves differently when wet and when dry. Some hairs grow in different directions, and therefore, when exposed to water, they behave differently. Find a trimmer that can swiftly navigate this challenge and give you the best results.

Extra features

Extra features in a trimmer can go a long way in caring for your skin. A lot of bacteria tends to sit under facial hair because of warmth and moisture. While shaving, the trimmer should help in keeping a high hygiene profile, and the extra features are the best way yet. For example, does the trimmer have a guard comb? Are they washable? Are the blades made from a stainless material? Gather as much intel on the trimmer as possible before you buy it.


Picking the best trimmer is more about preferences and features than it is about the pricing. Since most blades favor different skin types, the most important factor is to go for a trimmer that works for you, and not so much about what works for everyone else.