Are you ready to propose, but aren’t sure how to do it? You want to make the event unforgettable and personalized to your relationship. Figuring out the words alone to pop the question can indeed be challenging – not to mention buying the ring and keeping everything a surprise. Luckily, we have 6 tips to help you plan a unique marriage proposal for the love of your life.

  • Talk to Family and Friends

It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s still a good idea to talk to your partner’s family first about your intention to propose. Whether or not your partner hinted about you talking to their parents, the relatives will definitely appreciate the gesture.

Plus, they can give some pointers on how to start planning for the big event. Most importantly, you could use their help to prepare everything without ruining the surprise. You can even time the proposal for earlier in the day and have a small celebration with family and friends afterward.

  • Choose the Location

Every couple has its own story. No matter how long you’ve been together, you have shared experiences that brought you closer. More often than not, these are tied to a specific location. So what better way to show your partner you want to spend the rest of your life together than conjuring up memories at a place you both think fondly of? 

Once you have a specific location in mind, you can think about how to personalize the event further – but always consider what your partner would want as well. Only plan a grand gesture if you know the love of your life will be comfortable with it. 

Whether you organize a large event or an intimate proposal, you can get symbolic with music, flowers, food, or anything that adds sentimental value to your relationship.

  • Buy the Ring

Moving on to the next item on your agenda, you will need to pick the perfect engagement ring. For you, it may be a simple bauble, but your partner will wear it for the rest of their life. So, choose wisely and choose well. 

Again, you can consult their friends and family about this. Chances are, your partner has already talked to them about how they envisioned their ideal engagement ring, so you won’t risk anything by asking. Even if they can’t help you with the ring style, they can certainly help you get your partner’s ring size in a much more subtle way than you would.

  • Write Down Your Sentiments

After buying a ring, this will be the second-hardest part. You probably feel nervous just at the thought of popping the question, let alone when the day comes. Even if you don’t have trouble expressing your feelings in your day-to-day life, it doesn’t hurt to have your thoughts in order. And while nothing will charm them more than speaking from the heart, this is a time when you really want to get it right.

You don’t have to learn an entire monologue. Still, writing down how much they mean to you and having a small cheat sheet you can check beforehand will help marshal your thoughts together, and calm your excited nerves.

  • Set Up a Backstory

To avoid ruining the surprise, you must set up a fake backstory – and this is when the help of friends will really come in handy. Make sure the story is believable enough to throw off your significant other. This may be hard if your proposal involves abandoning ordinary activities – but you should still try your best to stick to your fake game plan.

  • Find a Photographer

While the two of you will remember this day forever, it’s still a good idea to immortalize the big moment by taking tons of photos. Find a photographer who can help you document everything. You can hire a professional photographer or entrust a close friend or family member to document the day. Just imagine the snapshot of your significant other’s reaction when you surprise them by pulling out the ring!

Marriage proposal ideas

This will probably be the most important proposal you will ever make in your life, so feel free to take your time planning it. You can incorporate every event, place, item, or person who played a significant part in both of your lives. Don’t forget to plan some activities for after you have popped the question, so you can celebrate your soon-to-be union. And don’t panic if some things don’t turn out as planned. As long as you have the ring and remember that critical part of your speech, everything will be perfect.