Whether you’ve been cooped up in the house, or splitting time between properties, now is the time to start planning for an ultra-luxurious vacation. After the year we’ve all had, having a luxurious get-away with your clan can be the perfect way to relax, refresh, and reconnect.

Define Your Criteria

As a lover of opulence, you know how important it is to experience the best-of-the-best. That’s why it helps to define your criteria for your next family vacation.

Many families find that with a little planning, they can ensure that all members have activities, entertainment, and packages suited to their unique needs. 

Ultra-Luxurious Vacations

If you’re considering bringing together a multi-generational group, look for a socially distanced holiday setting with the ultimate appeal for each age group. Most resorts offer personalized catering to match your specific and unique needs. 

Ask Each Family Member

Everyone in your family has importance. It’s especially helpful to listen in advance and explore the best options. For one, it may be a private villa with all the amenities. You and your spouse may be dreaming of having meals prepared by a private chef. Your children might be focusing on jumping into the heated pool. Your in-laws may have always dreamed of driving in a convertible along a spectacular coastline. 

With a little investigative sleuthing, you can get a real-time pulse for everyone’s dreams and desires.

Ultra-Luxurious Vacations

Map Out Options

Once you’ve got all the criteria and input on hand, look for overlaps. With all the luxury resorts, retreats, and villas around the world, you can find one that will fit the bill. 

Identify the primary and secondary needs of each member of your family. If you’ve got a multi-generational group, look for the common factors to guarantee you’ve got a winning recipe for your vacation. 

Many families find that the easiest way to do this is in a group meeting. If you are all in one location, get together for a group meeting. If you are in multiple locations, use zoom to meet up as you would face-to-face.

Working together is a great way to plan your upcoming luxury family vacation. 

Ultra-Luxurious Vacations

Explore the World of Options

If you’re struggling to get a handle on a diverse set of possible locations, talk with a luxury concierge. Luxury travel concierges make it their business to know the best places and recommend settings to accommodate a wide variety of needs. 

Are you having trouble getting your teenager to speak openly? Are you concerned that they are not sharing what’s important? For many parents, conversations about vacation can reveal trouble signs. If you are concerned about possible substance issues with teens, consider speaking with a professional counselor. 

Concierge services have evolved over recent years and are transforming luxury travel. A new era of luxury services is increasing the demand for curated experiences, appealing to diverse groups, and offering exclusive access to premium destinations.

Create Opportunities to Choose

For many families, getting together for a luxury vacation is much more than the stunning settings and activities. Going on adventures has a different meaning for each family. For some, it’s playing golf, hiking, and swimming. For others, it’s scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing.

If you’re finding that your family requires connection-time, look for ways to meet current needs. By respecting differences and setting the stage for connection, you’ll create an invitation to participate.

Explore Opportunities to Connect

Some villas and resorts offer multi-generational activities. These include everything from cooking with an Italian grandmother to skiing with an expert instructor. Some resorts offer a full-luxury hotel combined with music and art experiences. 

Expand Opportunities to Explore

Many people describe the rewards of seeing wildlife in a unique setting. Mara Plains is a luxury experience in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. It offers spectacular access to wildlife, such as lions, leopards, and zebras. Starting in June 2021, the new construction of a villa will encourage groups with children 8 years old and up. 

Sum Up

Finding a vacation that will appeal to all members of your tribe is the essential ingredient to creating a happy, memorable ultra-luxurious retreat.