The UK events industry is experiencing a bounce-back like never before after coronavirus restrictions saw in-person events heavily legislated against for nearly 2 years. Today, the UK events industry is worth over £40 billion and represents a lucrative career path for anyone with an interest.

But preparing for one from a press perspective can be difficult after a period of time away – especially if you’re new to the job. The press kits are out and the journalists are invited, but what do you do next to secure the PR success of your event?

Bring Business Cards

A business card can be a supremely powerful thing, even for large-scale events. On a personal level, printing business cards and handing them to journalists on the day can form a useful way of introduction, and confirm you as a point of contact after the event. You could also print event-specific business cards with a QR code, that links to your digital EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

Create a Dedicated PR Zone

For larger events, it will not be possible to individually manage press presence and the handing out of materials. As such, a dedicated PR zone should be established as a point of contact between the press and organizers. In your preliminary material, and using signs at the venue, direct journalists and photographers to a PR stand where they can receive more detailed information and supplementary documents.

Research Press Attendees

While some journalists and press organizations may be showing up on their own terms, you will also have had direct contact with the press who have confirmed their attendance at your event – whether in the booking of interviews or simply through registration. Taking some time to revise the planned press attendees, what they look like, and who they work for will make your job much easier. This way, you can spot them when they arrive and direct them to where they need to be – keeping everyone happy.

Stay Fresh

Any event is a high-stress situation full stop, let alone in terms of managing PR. In order to make sure everything is running as it should, you need to be on the ball at all times. A good night’s sleep beforehand, an early breakfast, and sometimes ahead of the event itself to make final checks can make all the difference to your performance and the event’s success.

You could also choose to take this advice in the literal sense. Keeping a packet of mints on your person can ensure you’re making the right impression throughout the day; the many coffees you’ll have imbibed throughout the day can wreak havoc on your breath!