Buying a home can be a significant step that feels like turning a corner.  Within these new walls, you’ll build new parts of yourself for years or possibly for the rest of your life.  Although it’s thrilling, and most people want nothing more than to move everything in at once and get started living there- there are some steps you should take first!  Unless your home is already furnished, many things could be done to ensure you enjoy your new home to the fullest extent.  

Here they are!

Deep Clean

Although most homes on the market get deep cleaned before they’re listed, this isn’t the case for them.  If your house isn’t brand new, and you can tell on the inside, take the time to deep clean your home.  Clean from top to bottom, and focus heavily on areas like bathrooms and kitchens.  You won’t be able to fully enjoy your home as your own until you’ve scrubbed free any last marker that someone else has lived there.  This moment is also the time to check your air vents and ensure your sink’s garbage disposal works if you have one.

painting your walls in your new comfortable home

Paint Anything You Want

Once you’ve deep cleaned your home, you have to paint it!  No house comes entirely unless you built it yourself, so take the time to make it your own before moving in.  Consider what colors you want for each room, and go for it.  Although there are typical hues, like soft blues for bedrooms, don’t be afraid to show your unique personality through color!  This house is your home, a place that should reflect you and make you happy while you’re there- do what makes you smile!

Save Big Projects

You might want to dive into repairing everything you don’t like about your home, but if you’re tight on money and running out of time to move in: hold off on larger projects.  You may think your kitchen renovation is necessary, but don’t go broke trying to update it.  It’s better to save for these projects and work on them when you’re financially secure.  The last thing a new homeowner wants to do is lose their home because they’re broke from renovating it. 

comfortable flooring for your new home

Consider Your Floors

What kinds of floors do you picture in your dream home?  Now, consider what floors you have in your new home.  Do they align?  If not, it’s not too late to make changes.  You can stain hardwood or carpet over it- or you could tear up the carpet in some areas and put down hardwood floors instead.  Don’t be shy to do what makes you happy and matches what you find aesthetically pleasing.

comfortable furniture

Consider Your Furniture

Before you move in all of your furniture, look at what you have and think about whether you see yourself owning it in five or ten years.  If you don’t like it that much, and you have the money for it, replace what you want to.  Starting fresh in a new home is a great way to move on with the next phase of your life, and suitable furniture can help with that. Living with a large family? Try a sectional so everyone can sit together comfortably. Look for things that have great reviews, don’t settle for less.

Check Your HVAC System

Nothing is as touchy as heating ventilation and air conditioning system.  Check yours before you move in to ensure it’ll work well for the upcoming season.  It’s better to check these systems sooner rather than later so that you won’t be stuck waiting for a repairer and dealing with uncomfortable in-home temperatures when you should be enjoying your new home.  The best way to check is to run your heater or cooler for around an hour.  This moment will give you time to feel if it’s working, fit for any leaks, and ensure the air is coming through without too much trouble.  Be aware that almost all heaters have a slight burning smell when they first turn on after being off for a while, but if it’s accompanied by smoke, turn it off and call a professional.

Check Your Pipes

Before you move all of your beautiful furniture into your home and basement, check your pipes!  Although this step should be taken before you purchase the home, some things slip under the radar when you’re excited to buy.  Look at the pipes’ current state in your home and decide if they need to get updated.  This work could mean moving over to copper pipes to heat more evenly, but it often entails replacing older pipes that could burst in the coming winter months.  Get a good reading on them, decide if they need work, and replace them before you move in.  You don’t want to hope they’ll work out and then flood all of your furniture and belongings.

Replace The Details

This plan doesn’t mean going through every screw and bolt of your home- but you should consider what parts you want to replace.  Consider if your ceiling fans are the type you want, replace your windows if they’re not yet energy-efficient, you can even go through and replace outlets and doorknobs.  Although these don’t seem like big or important projects, they’re easier to do when you don’t have to wrestle with furniture.  Replacing a fan hanging over a wobbly king-sized bed in a full room can be complicated and messy.  

Although you may want to move in pronto, these changes can make sure that the place will feel like home when you move in.  Don’t tell yourself that you’ll make these changes later because most people say that put them off for far too long.  You deserve the home of your dreams; work to achieve it!