A gorgeous outfit is incomplete until it is adorned by a beautiful piece of jewelry. Pairing that right necklace with your elaborate dress would do magic. Every piece of jewelry exudes the same amount of personality as your outfit does. The right selection of jewelry with your outfit would elevate your look and definitely take you to that ‘next level.’ 

Knowing the scale of your outfits, the colors you would be wearing, the prints, your neckline, and even the texture of your outfit will define your style and eventually create the effect you want. If you choose to wear a comparatively simple dress, you should know how to accessorize yourself. The same goes with your elaborate dresses. Your jewelry will add that touch of elegance, that sense of beauty, which would complete your look. There are high chances of going wrong with your selection and spoiling your outfit. 

The whole idea is to have that balance between your outfit and your accessories, which should complement each other perfectly. There are many ways to do it. Some basic areas to look out for would be – to consider your style, the material you’ll be going for, or simply choosing a centerpiece that would define your focal area. There are many detailed areas as well that need your dedicated time and attention. Here are some pieces that we have seen work pretty well.

gemstone pendant jewelry accessory1. Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendants are a great way to add more color if you’re going for a glamorous look worthy of a red carpet. Their natural healing properties allow the wearer to drive more positivity and security into their lives. Be it a Lapiz, Agnate, Tourmaline, or Opal; each precious stone has inherent powerful properties other than its divine beauty to give the jewel an ethereal look. If you’re concerned about the strong EMF exposure and added stress of the modern world, then a Shungite pendant is going to become your next favorite thing. The black beauty not only protects you from radiation but also acts as a shield against numerous negative energies and evils in the outer world.

Statement necklace jewelry accessory

2. Statement Necklaces 

For the inner child in you, who keeps up with all the latest trends, this one’s the perfect match for you – a beads necklace. The necklace is a modern spin on our childhood trend, where kids would wear colorful beads at school and parties. Now, jewelry designers have gone one step ahead to create statement pieces that are bright, vivid, and cheerful. Women can pair them with plain or pastel-colored outfits to enhance their vibrant colors and beauty. You can even add a beaded bracelet to complete the entire look! If you are looking for this kind of piece of jewelry, take a look at affordable outlet shopping for affordable prices.

metal chain jewelry accessory

3. Metal Chains

The most efficient and quick way to elevate any outfit is by using multiple chains with your outfit. The metal necklaces add elegance, and poise and help to polish your look without doing much. While gold is a popular choice for chains, cooler tones such as platinum of sterling silver chains can look equally spell-bounding. Make your look one-of-a-kind by adding 1 or 2 charm pendants encrusted with diamonds or gemstones, which will add more shine and look best with any casual or formal outfit. You can even layer the chains with a contemporary style chain necklace to give a fuller look for a special event.

motif jewelry accessory

4. Motif Jewelry

The era of the ’90s is back with carefree shapes and styles such as smileys and heart jewelry. While jazzy colored stones and intricate chains are back in fashion, the world of accessories has picked another favorite – motif jewelry. Necklaces with gold disks shaped like a smiley face or bracelets with a cluster of gem-encrusted charms are elegant designs, perfect enough to add a little zing to your everyday formal wear. As far as casual or Gen Z’s are concerned, resin-based rings in the shape of cows and snakes, and earrings made with neon flower motifs add enough funk and vibrance to each outfit. You can play as loud as you want to, with XOXO danglers, a sequined tank top, and platform boots. Or stick to a simple shirt with a bold pendant and a ring; it’s your choice. You do you, queen, it’s your world, and accessories are just the perfect way to have all the fun.

classic jewelry accessory

5. Classic Jewelry 

Enhance your existing beauty with the versatile yet dazzling radiance of diamonds. Diamond pieces are a marriage between modern craft and traditional charm, which can help stun any onlookers with their sparkling brilliance. You can add tennis bracelets, solitaire pendants, or even a pair of hoops encrusted with diamonds to instantly elevate your mood and the rest of your outfit. Modern designers today are focused on creating visionary pieces that celebrate the uniqueness of each person, like the stone’s core. You can pair an elaborate diamond set with your evening gown or add a pair of studs to your everyday look to give you a touch of inner glow and confidence.