How to get great results and inexpensive app installs without wasting the whole marketing budget? This question concerns all marketing managers. When you’re facing the same problem, keep reading this article, as we know how to solve it.

Ordering keyword installs for your app is a reliable method to improve your visibility. You get a higher ranking by specific search requests, and your app starts getting organic traffic. In this way, your spending will pay for itself in the short run. But how to reduce your expenses and get a sure-fire result? The answer lies in your keywords.

As you know, keywords have several metrics: search volume, difficulty, and relevance. Lots of marketing specialists consider the search volume or popularity as the determinative. They choose one extremely popular keyword and invest all their money in it. It’s a common mistake. This word will be highly competitive and almost impossible to promote. Keep in mind; you’ll get more traffic when you are at the top 5 by less popular keyword than in the top 250 by the most competitive one. Users scroll 10 search results at best. You’ll reach more audience if you are at the top by a less popular keyword.

And what about the relevance? It’s a value that will save you money. The relevant keywords which match a user’s intention are the easiest to promote. Your app will move fast if you’ve chosen the right search requests. You’ll get not only motivated but also organic installs. Besides, they guarantee a higher conversion rate. If your app satisfies the customer’s intention, he/she will install and use it. Think over the keywords that you want to promote. Choose them cautiously, as they have to be precise and relevant. In this way, you’ll be able to buy inexpensive app installs and bring your app to the top.