We all have a tolerance for party organizing, and when it comes to possibilities for nerve-racking logistics, children parties come second after weddings. Still, some thrive at this. Some people want a big celebration with lots of people. Others only want a few guests. Which one are you? Naturally, most, if not all, children are adaptable. They will go along with whatever celebration you put on. 

You only need to ensure they have parental attention and some presents. However, this depends on every child – adjust the hype’s level to whatever your child can take. Planning a party is no easy work – especially when a five-year-old is in the picture. One minute they’re crying, the next they’re jumping all over. But don’t fret! Here are some great ideas you can rely on.

1. Ensure the Details are Age-Appropriate

Ensure everything, from activities to food and drinks, is age-appropriate for most of your guests. If there’s a broad range of ages, use your child’s birthday age as a guiding factor. “The slightest of details can make a big difference to your kid’s birthday party,” says the team at Who Wants 2 Party, an online eBay store based in Sydney. You might also need to consider your child’s age. Use this as an indicator of how many kids to invite. Generally, the rule of thumb is one child for every year, plus 2. So, since your child is turning five, keep the guest list at seven children.

2. Spread the Word!

Go the old-fashioned way! Skip out the prefabricated invites and get out the glue sticks with your team. “Simple things like DIY homemade invitations thrill children,” says Michelle Peer, founder, and owner of Hullabaloo Party Planner for Kids in Kitchener, Ont. You can buy blank cards at a store and go all out with stickers. You can also use foil paper or theme-based baubles or create and print an invite from your laptop. Ensure you give your guests a heads-up at least 2-3 weeks before the event. Emails will also work when spreading out the word. Just remember to make follow-up calls with parents as needed.

3. Have a Guest List

The number of guests you invite can make or break your child’s party. The bigger the guest list, the more room you need for activities and crafts. So, how does one determine a guest list? Perhaps you can narrow down your guest list by only inviting members of the same gender (if it’s comfortable for your child). Additionally, you don’t need to reciprocate each birthday party invitation. Ideally, you want to have a guest list that feels right-sized for your child. Remember: the list should also include your child’s closest friends. Eventually, this will leave you with manageable crowd size.

4. A Theme Matters Too!

Finding the perfect theme might seem challenging. However, you can still consult your child; they may have a few ideas up their sleeves. Choose a theme that is appropriate for different age groups. For food, maybe you can serve caramel corn and hot dogs, though ultimately, this depends on your budget. For younger children, baseball-themed activities will work perfectly. Keep the activities as simple as you can. Remember: you are dealing with children with short attention spans. This means you should avoid activities where children have to wait their turn, especially if children are too many.

5. Location

If you don’t have the room to host the party at home, there are many places you can go instead. However, you should communicate with the preferred venue earlier to place a booking. Lovely places fill up quickly, especially those that can only handle one party at a time. If you’re not into a pre-planned kind of party, consider privately-owned recreation centers. These are good places since they’re mostly closed for regular business on the weekends. You can also hire staff to work for the party and help with the arrangements and setting up.

birthday party cake for a 5 year old child

6. The Cake: Bake or Buy?

A five-year-old only wants something sweet. But, you can ask your child about what they like. They might have ideas of their own. A cake is a great option, but so are ice cream sundaes, big cookies, or even cupcakes. You can add the theme (if you have one) by baking your own cake. If your baking skills are not that good, visit a local bakery and have them make your themed cake.

Finally, don’t forget the presents; a party is no party without presents. They act as a highlight of the special day. If you decide to open them during the party, you might need to coach your child a little. Also, remember to award every child a prize during your activities. Ensure each kid goes with a sticker or ribbon just for participating. Over to you!