A watch is not only a useful timepiece, but it is also a great accessory. Watches come in all sorts of styles and for all budgets. If you want your watch to stand out and be an essential outfit piece, consider investing in a golden luxury piece. Luxury golden watches are made from valuable gold and can feature lavish decorations to increase the aesthetic and value. Learn how to wear such a special piece with the tips from this article.

How to style gold watches 

Gold watches are a luxury accessory that will surely be noticed. For this reason, it is important to style your watch correctly. A golden watch does not fit with all occasions and should be combined with very specific colors, in order to perfectly blend in with your outfit, without losing its novelty. luxury strap for gold watches should also fit well to complement the timepiece properly. Are you interested in buying a gold watch for your collection? Learn more here.

When to wear a golden watch

A gold watch is a true statement piece and does not pair well with a casual outfit such as shorts and a T-shirt. Do not wear your golden watch too often, as it loses its aesthetic value quickly. Instead, wear a gold watch on a special occasion. If you’re having or attending a wedding, it’s the perfect opportunity to take the gold watch out of its case. An important business meeting is also a great occasion for wearing your gold watch. 

The watch goes especially well with a formal suit. If you choose to wear it with a long-sleeved coat or jacket, make sure that it is exposed. The golden watch should not be covered, so rolling up your sleeve slightly is recommended. It certainly is a special piece and not having it exposed would be a shame. 

Colors combinations with gold watches

Gold is not an easy color to wear. However, if it’s combined with the right colors, it can truly elevate your look. Keep in mind that there are many types of gold, such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. These shades are all different and will have to be paired with different colors as well. 

Gold should never be combined with too many colors. A colorful outfit will take all the attention away from this important accessory. Therefore, stick to two or three shades of a similar color and never wear bright colors with a golden watch, as this can appear shabby. 

Bright shades of gold, such as yellow gold, pair well with dark green, wine red, or simply with black, brown, or blue. Yellow gold is also a great combination with a light beige suit. Lighter shades of gold pair especially well with darker colors, such as black, dark gray, dark brown, or royal blue. Whatever you choose, don’t wear anything yellow or bright neon colors with a golden watch. 

Combining a golden watch with other accessories

Combining a golden watch with other jewelry can be quite tricky. Gold and silver don’t really match, and therefore avoid wearing silver rings, chains, or other silver-colored accessories. If you want to wear rings, make sure that the rings are on the opposite hand of where the watch is worn, with the exception of a wedding band. Instead, you could opt for different shades of golden accessories. The trick is not to overdo it. A golden watch is already a statement piece and pairing it with diamonds or other gemstones will only make it look over-exaggerated.