Your work environment has a massive influence on how you go about doing your work and the output or results you get. Employers have become more susceptible as the drivers of business growth and employee productivity since they provide and will furnish the office space where we all carry out the work.

As a causal factor, comfortable and ambient offices trigger employees’ subconscious or motivate them to be more productive, which positively affects business growth and its ability to achieve its deliverables.

It brings us again to the big question: How can you design workplaces to affect business growth and productivity? There are quite a lot of ideas to achieve this, but let us look at three of them in this article. They are: 

Office Spaces 

Modern office spaces are constructed as an open plan or a room with many separate offices or sections. As an employer, your work sector should determine the type of office space to sublet or rent for your operations. For instance, a tech office should be an open plan that fosters communal spirit and freedom to bounce ideas off each other. In contrast, for accounting firms or law practitioners, an array of sectionalized offices works best for the employees’ privacy and upholds attorney-client meetings without intrusions.

As an employer, there are ways to design an open plan office space, demarcating spaces for meetings, refreshment, and relaxation, and suitable for employees to cohabit and work as a team. One significant advantage of an open-plan office is that it allows unfettered access to natural light into space. 

The office can be planned or designed to keep the natural ambiance, which can be comfortable for employees. They [employees] can take a few minutes to walk up to the glass windows to observe the traffic outside the building. It will help relax their spirit and feel refreshed enough when they go back to their duty post. 

Also, you can design an office wall or space to use artificial recreation areas within the room whenever they need to catch a breather from work or lie down for a few minutes, improving their productivity at work. Additionally, consider consulting experts like Moore’s commercial HVAC services to ensure the optimal design and placement of air conditioning and ventilation systems. Proper climate control contributes to employee comfort and productivity in your open-plan office.

Interior Designs

Aside from planning your office space to be accommodating, another salient factor is the interior design. Most times, workplace interior designs are influenced by what the business owner wants people to see when visiting their office space. Still, the experts at revealed some clients leave the heavy lifting of how to match or mix design ideas with professional decorators. But companies are more open to designing their offices to showcase what the firm does, inspiring them to keep the fire burning.

well distributed workspace

Nonetheless, the interior designs of workplaces have a lot to do with driving productivity and business growth. For instance, a branding and creativity firm’s office filled with graffiti and colors has a way of motivating employees to become more productive. A tech office replicating an innovation lab design inspires the employees to think in bytes.

There are various office design themes, from multi-environment to biophilic ones, all of which inspire employees to be more productive. In some situations, employers can leave the interior design of office spaces to employees or teams. This way, everyone gets to add elements that make them comfortable or inspire them and always return whenever they feel overwhelmed by work.


This is a critical element of a workplace as it is directly related to employees’ comfortability or productivity. A workstation comprises the desk, chairs, colors, and other paraphernalia that employees use at the office. Something as minute as the desk’s color used by an employee can make them thrive on the job, the same way as the chair they use.

Sometimes, hindering an employee from being more productive is the chair causing them backache, which has not been replaced yet after several complaints to the admin. Even if an office mirrors a bullpen, we note that employees feel more comfortable when they enjoy some aspects of privacy at their workplace, either by having a permanent desk, or chair, or the freedom to pick the color for their workstation.

As much as it is a step in the right direction for employers to design a workplace that suits their business reputation, we should consider the employees who spend most of their days in the office and make the working environment a safe and creative space. Achieving this will possibly require an atmosphere that will make them productive.