You wake up one morning and decide you’ll walk straight to the bank, get some cash and go spoil yourself. You decide to buy one of the most expensive cars on the planet. Now you have a Rolls Royce parked outside your house… what a feeling. Rolls Royce is one of the most popular luxury car brands around the globe, yet very few people manage to own one. For long, it has been considered as a car for the wealthy, and by this, I mean the really wealthy! It is available in various models, including the Phantom, Wraith, Ghost, Silver Shadow, and the Phantom Drophead Coupe, just to name a few. Perhaps one of the most exciting features of this kind of cars is that you have a reason to take off your shoes anytime you’re carried in one. The floor of the car features a blanket of lamb wool that is designed just to tickle your feet and make you feel like a king as you rest your back into the sumptuous seats that are so ergonomic you won’t ever feel your back ache. But now that you’ve bought yourself one, what next? Well, here are some crucial pointers you want to read as you get acquainted with your new Rolls, especially to do with maintenance, accessories, repairs, warranty, and some common issues to look out for.

Enjoy 4 Years of Sweet Warranty

One of the best things about this British car is that for the first 4 years after purchase, you won’t worry about paying hefty repair and maintenance bills. The company provides you with a 4-year warranty, which takes care of maintenance and repairs in case the car breaks down or develops some faults. Fantastic, right? Considering how expensive it can get to maintain a luxury car like this one, most owners agree that indeed, the UK-based company takes care of their own. By the time the 4 years are done, however, you will want to have prepared yourself.

Avoid Breaking Things as Much as Possible

The other important thing to note is that being one of the most prestigious cars, the Rolls Royce will need a little more care that you would have given to an ordinary car. Even though the first 4 years are covered by the company warranty, it can be extremely difficult to get parts for this elegant vehicle. In most parts of the globe, Rolls spare parts are extremely rare to find if not from the company shop. Additionally, most of its parts come at an incredibly high cost. For this reason, you will want to always drive with care and ensure that you always park your ride in a secure parking area that is not prone to vandalism.

Steer Clear of Independent Garages

It is not uncommon to find yourself running to the nearest car service station anytime your vehicle bumps into something or develops a mechanical fault. With the Rolls Royce, however, you will want to avoid independent garages at all costs. And needless to iterate, this is mostly because luxury cars require the utmost expertise and specialized equipment for the best results. For instance, lift experts from Hoistnow, say that not all independent garages may have the proper winches, jacks, hoists, cranes, and lifts that luxury car maintenance checks and repair may require. Also, since Rolls Royce car parts are non-existent in most local car service centers, it is only diligent to ensure that you always use the brand’s authorized service centers. At these service centers, you will receive unmatched services, most of which are automated. Additionally, the Rolls Royce is fitted with quite a number of automation systems and sensors, which serve to tell what specific parts of the car need maintenance or repair. Unfortunately, the services of this level are only available at the manufacturer’s authorized car service garages.

Get the Basics Right – Maintenance

You’ve just bought yourself a car that is probably worth more than your house. Now, it is important to understand that maintenance will also not come cheap. In most cases, repairs and maintenance costs for a Rolls Royce are charged based on the actual value of the car, regardless of whether you bought it new or used. Do not, at any means, compare it with a regular passenger car, in case you’ve just upgraded. Maintaining a luxury car is not a cheap job, and this should stick in your mind right from the start. Some common maintenance tasks that will be required every once in a while include fluid checks and corrections, tune-ups, oil change, oil filter replacement, and generally, scheduled maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Especially during or before extreme weather conditions, you may want to take it to your nearest service center for preventive car maintenance. During summer, for instance, you may want to install window visors which can be a good way to prevent your car’s interior from overheating. Additionally, where you park your car is very essential. This is because weather elements are the number one enemy of your car’s beauty and lifetime. Be sure to park it under shade always and ensure you have a nice garage in your home for that purpose.

Common Rolls Royce issues

In case you bought a used car, some common issues you’re likely to encounter (especially for an older model) may include leaks, clogged gaskets, and fuel pump problems. Also, it will be helpful to regularly check your car engine to ensure that the valves are sealed appropriately. This can go a long way into avoiding oil leaks. Clogged gaskets are often caused by foam and sludge that might have accumulated in the oil filter.

Rent It Out for Some Extra Cash

For those days when you’re not super busy attending corporate functions in your new ride, how about you try earning some side money by renting it out? Mark you, there are thousands of people out there who would kill to ride in a Rolls Royce for just one day. Most of them especially want to arrive in style at birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events.

There’s no better feeling than owning a luxurious such as the Rolls Royce, let alone driving or riding in one. However, owning one also comes at a cost, especially when it comes to the maintenance bit. With the above in mind, nonetheless, the feeling will be greater and you will see your car last past its warranty without losing much of its value.