Whether you are using your boat for recreation or fishing, upgrading and keeping it in excellent conditions enables your boat to perform at its optimum level. What’s more? It will be worth more when the time comes to sell it. These tips will help you upgrade your boat and stay in great shape while it’s still in your hands:

1.    Perform regular maintenance

Regular boat maintenance can go a long way toward increasing the value of your vessel. Unlike cars, boats lose their sleekness quite fast and, therefore, require consistent care and maintenance.

Here are some of the best maintenance tips to put in practice:

  • Use the right materials to manage your Gelcoat: Some cleaners can stain or dissolve your boat’s Gelcoat, so take the time to understand the products on the market before purchasing.
  • Wipe off moisture: Drying off your boat when it is not in use can protect it from waterline stains, component corrosion, and mildew.
  • Oil regularly: Different boats come with unique oil requirements. The changing process is also a bit complex compared to that of cars and may take some practice to understand.
  • Maintain battery even when the boat is not in use
  • Get rid of old wax before applying new coat: New wax is more efficient when applied on a clean dewaxed surface

2.    Invest in a new T-top

A new T-top can give your center console boat a new look, provide much-needed shade for summer outings, and dramatically increase its market value.

If you use your boat for fishing, a T-top would be better than a bimini top as the former creates less distraction and allows for smooth movements around the boat.

Companies such as Stryker T-Tops offer many types of T-tops and can provide you with the accessories you need for installation.

3.    Get a new cover

A canvas or cover protects your boat from sunshine, wind, and rain – the three main culprits behind deterioration. When buying a canvas, it is best to ensure you go for something that is durable and complements your boat’s aesthetics. It should be designed with the shape, color, and size of your vessel in mind.

In general, working on the aesthetic aspect can grab the attention of eager buyers who are struggling to choose from the numerous options at their disposal.

4.    Reupholster the seats

The upholstery is among the areas that deteriorate fastest in boats. Regardless of the type of seats installed in your vessel – chairs or benches – the impact of the UV rays coming from the sun and reflecting off the water can weaken the fabric and cause it to fade over time.

Before putting your boat up for sale, consider replacing the upholstery. New fabric will give your vessel a younger look and add to its resale value.


Increasing a boat’s resale value is not as demanding as it may sound. A few touch-ups and adding accessories can change your vessel’s shape and increase your chances of getting a buyer. Even if you have no plans of selling the boat in the foreseeable future, constant upgrades will save you the need for a costly overhaul when it’s finally time to sell it.