Cruising for the first time is an exciting prospect, with not only a whole itinerary of destinations to uncover and explore but an entire cruise ship too! While there are many seasoned cruise passengers across the globe, you are not alone, if you have never been on a cruise. Cruise lines of all sizes welcome onboard new passengers every year. Introducing them to all that a cruise has to offer. If you’re preparing for your first cruise holiday and are seeking some insight into what you can expect, these insider tips from will help prepare you for the first moment you step onboard. 

Cruise ships are big

This might seem obvious, but many first-time passengers have been shocked and even overwhelmed by just how big they really are. Stepping onboard for the first time, or even as you first approach the ship by foot, it will become obvious quickly just how much space there is onboard. However, this isn’t to be seen as a negative. In fact, this only highlights just how much you can do at sea. With hundreds of plush cabins, on-deck activities, facilities, dining options, and entertainment, you will be amazed at what is available onboard. 

Top tip: Be prepared for the size of the ship. Be sure to take a welcome tour of the main areas and familiarize yourself with key locations onboard. 

If you are not a fan of larger ships, there are a number of cruise lines that specialize in “yacht-like” cruise experiences. With mid-sized cruise ships, where you may enjoy a more boutique style of cruising. 

A unique cruise experience for you 

Before you even step onboard your cruise ship, cruise lines offer so many packages and deals that you can add to your cruise booking to make it just right for you. From drinks packages to excursions and special cabin upgrades, one of our best tips is to make sure you have given yourself enough time to manage your cruise booking and choose any upgrades or extras you would like to add before setting sail. 

Making the most of the ports 

While your ship provides so many enjoyable experiences, you are, in the meantime, traveling the world. So, it is important to get out there and see as much of the world as you can. With each destination, your cruise line will offer a number of excursions and experiences, available to plan and book in advance. By doing this, you will have a good idea of what your holiday schedule looks like. But it also ensures that you don’t miss out on seeing any important sights or experiencing bucket-list moments while ashore. 

Being punctual is important

Although much of the cruise experience is left to the captain and crew to manage, one thing you will have to be aware of is your time management. At each port you will have a scheduled time in which you must embark the ship, ready to set sail once more. Be punctual and arrive with plenty of time to spare so that you are not left running to make it onboard. 

Pack your bags well and consider the climate 

During your cruise, whether this is for 7 days or 21 days, you will need to consider the various temperatures you may experience. While you may have booked a summer cruise, it is always worthwhile packing a few light jackets for breezy nights at sea. Although it can be tempting to pack everything and the kitchen sink, we suggest that you pack according to your length of stay, making sure you have an outfit for each day and outfits that will meet any dress requirements of the ship’s restaurants and entertainment areas. However, there are laundry services available on most cruise ships, so you certainly don’t need to overpack. 

Taking into consideration some of these insider tips will certainly help you when preparing for your first cruise holiday. While the unknown can be daunting, just remember the staff, crew, and captain are available to support you throughout your journey, making sure that every aspect of your cruise holiday goes as smoothly as possible.