With around 1.3 billion product listings daily, more than 185 million buyers worldwide, and with the most popular mobile shopping app in the United States, eBay is definitely one of the largest global online marketplaces, following Amazon by a flea’s jump.

In this world of retail, everyone can be a buyer and a seller, and if you have considered starting your own network on eBay or are just interested in making it more refreshing and appealing, here’s a couple of ways you can try.

Product Flipping

The most interesting way to sell something on eBay, and definitely the most favorite one, is flipping. It means that you actually buy some products at a low price and then sell it at a higher one. Pretty simple and pretty profitable.

These products can be, of course, bought at eBay as well, but most often, it involves dollar and thrift stores, garage sales, estate auctions, and flea markets. A good product flipper is familiar with the estimated value of the product and knows how much one can expect it. If you would like to try and flip your goods, prepare to do a little research on them, make a price comparison for the same products on different platforms and marketplaces and go on and try reselling them at a higher price. Depending on the state of the goods, are they new or used, they might need mending and cleaning, but you wouldn’t believe just how a little re-touching increases the starting buying value. 

Want? With? What?

Another way to make selling more interesting is to look up what you are selling and can you spice it up a little bit. Sure, some eBay sellers focus on nook products (like video games and comic books) while others pay attention to what’s popular at the moment and follow the trends (auto parts, used goods, and closeouts are always an evergreen money forest).

Therefore, if you don’t, in particular, want to follow the trends, or it looks like you don’t have your own niche still –  try to do a little investigation and see what has faithful, passionate fans that will eagerly bid up the starting pricing and work your way from there.

Remember, every good has its buyer, and many odd or eccentric things that you wouldn’t think someone would buy (like rotary phones or pocket translators) – actually find a new owner.

Interesting Ways to Sell Stuff on eBay

Think Smart

The competition on any seller’s market is fierce, and if you’re not power and top seller as large merchants are, most likely, you cannot compete with their prices, shipping, and customer service. But, again, you can offer something that larger sellers can’t, such as memorabilia, specialized items, and, well, humanity.

Be as descriptive as possible in your titles and listings as description helps your customers will know exactly what they’re looking at and for. Be honest – if there are any dentures, failures, or damages, let the buyer know because in the case of auction and retail market – reputation is all. Use the right keywords and categorizations.

And most importantly – avoid heavy competition. Of course, you can list the branded items if you happen to have them, and your whole eBay politics can be exactly selling popular things, have in mind that almost everyone else has the same idea. Doing the research and finding your niche is so much more interesting, and you get to make your own community of buyers and set your own competition.

Broaden the Horizon

Yes, we do think you should consider the foreign market as well, as that gives you new perspectives, prospects, and new buyers’ power, but mostly, you should expand views on improving your eBay profile, better your customer support, and expanding your presence.

Your overall outlook, the photo quality of listed products, descriptions you use, interactions with potential buyers, and recognizing the importance of building a trustworthy name and a good rating will bring you much more than mere money. They might bring you business and new life possibilities.

Interesting Ways to Sell Stuff on eBay

Never mind if you’re only looking to make some money by cleaning out your garage or you’re trying to build a business as an online reseller, the best way for you as a small or medium-size merchant to succeed in eCommerce is to rely on your unbranded, uncommon and particular product.

Using creativity, honesty, and building your reputation while staying unbothered by the bigger players is not only going to make your selling more profitable but more relaxed and engaging.