If you or a loved one was the victim of domestic violence and decided to press charges, then it is possible that you can reopen your case. If this sentence sounds confusing, we’re here to help clarify. Domestic violence cases are often complicated and require ongoing support from friends and family members to maintain progress towards self-improvement. For many victims, the only way they know how to break free from their abuser is by pressing charges against them after an incident occurs – but what if there’s more than one? It doesn’t have to be this way.

With our guide on how to reopen a domestic violence case, you’ll learn about how you can keep your case alive even after it seems to have ended. Let’s get to the details.

What Is A Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence is defined as any act of physical force, verbal abuse, or some other form of harm inflicted by one family member on another. Usually, the abuser will establish themselves in a position where they can control their victim through fear and intimidation, leading to long-term emotional distress that leaves you feeling helpless. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Domestic violence is a prevalent issue in the United States today, and it’s estimated that one-third of all women will experience some form of domestic abuse at least once throughout their lifetime. These cases can range from emotional or mental harm to physical assault, but they are considered extremely harmful.

How Can A Domestic Violence Case Be Reopened?

If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence and have pressed charges, then you can reopen your case. However, this does not mean that the abuser will face an entirely new sentence from their original one – there’s more on how sentences work in our guide here. As stated by these criminal lawyers in Wichita, KS, the abusers may receive additional time or get charged with a different crime if you reopen the case. This is good news for you because it means that there’s still a chance to get your voice heard and make sure the abuser receives what they deserve. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that certain factors can make it harder for you to reopen once a case has been closed. For example, if you and the abuser reconcile or change lawyers, this may affect your chances of opening up the case again.

If you’re thinking about reopening a domestic violence case but aren’t sure how to go about it, then consider applying for a Protective Order. If you’re able to show that your abuser continues to put you in harm by threatening or stalking you, this will strengthen your case and may prompt the court system into giving them additional time. Keep in mind, though; if the abuse was physical, they are subject to stricter sentencing.

Why Do The Court Reopen Cases Of Abuse?

The reasoning behind reopening a domestic violence case is to give the abuser an opportunity to rehabilitate their behavior. If you would like, there are also ways to be rehabilitated and receive help from victims programs in your area. In many cases, abusers have been known to seek professional counseling after being charged with abuse, so they don’t continue to inflict harm on others.

For many people, the thought of their abuser seeking help is difficult to swallow, but both parties must be given a second chance at making things right again because there could be other victims out there who need your voice.

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Who Decides If You Can Reopen The Case?

There are specific conditions that need to be met before the court will agree to reopen a case. These include: The abuser has shown remorse for their actions. After receiving professional counseling, they have managed to change their behavior and stop inflicting harm on others. They admit guilt and accept responsibility for their actions.

If the abuser isn’t willing to meet these criteria, they may not be given a second chance. Keep in mind, though; if you feel unsafe and believe that your case can still work even without them going through all of this, there is always an option available for you to reopen it on your own.

When Should I Contact My Lawyer About Getting Help With Reopening My Case?

If you’re thinking about reopening your case and would like to explore all of the available options, then you must contact an attorney. Your lawyer will be able to go over these details with you in more detail so they can help come up with a solution for how best to proceed. If they feel there is a chance to get your case reopened, they will discuss this in more detail and let you know about all of the steps and requirements that need to be met.

They can also provide additional information on what victim programs are available for those who want help with overcoming their experiences or an option for obtaining counseling outside of the court system.

Yes, a domestic violence case can be reopened even after it has been closed. If you would like further information on how this process works and what options are available for you, contact an attorney to find out more about getting help with reopening your case.