A recent Bitcoin hype is currently going through dark times. Instead of following the optimistic forecasts of self-proclaimed experts and advancing into astronomical spheres, the cyber motto began to nosedive – and has been bobbing along far from the former all-time high ever since. That’s why most of them didn’t get great wealth at first. But what is not can still be; you should not sell your Bitcoin in any case – not only for financial reasons.

Always pay the bill on the date. 

Three out of four respondents claimed that their interest in a second date would increase dramatically if their partner paid the bill in bitcoin the first time they met. Sticking point: While, according to the report, this is already possible with almost 100 million retailers in the USA, you may have difficulties finding a restaurant or café in Germany that accepts the Cyber-Taler. But according to the study, not only does Bitcoin have a stunning effect on your counterpart, the so-called non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, also increase your chances of intimate togetherness. To know more about bitcoin, you can visit this link .

As stated by Ekrona software, twenty percent of all singles surveyed are said to have asserted that they tend to develop romantic feelings for a person who uses an NFT, i.e., a digital photo certified as unique via blockchain a profile picture. One can only speculate why the topic of crypto assets makes people so keen on finding a partner. On the one hand, knowledge of this topic could suggest an ideal financial situation. But on the other hand, trading in volatile currencies could fuel the image of a risk-taking daredevil. The main thing is that it works properly.

It works: Buy Bitcoins with a credit card and bank transfer.

Bitcoin – may be the trend word 2017 among digitally interested people. Cryptocurrency is on everyone’s lips and is also moving into more and more investment strategies. The price has only just crossed the magical mark of an incredible 8,450 euros per coin. But where can you buy bitcoins? How considerable is the effort? And if you have any, where do you put them? In addition, to the question of what is behind digital money, the issues of acquisition and storage are likely to come up first for most interested parties. COMPUTER BILD has started the self-experiment and gives you a small guide if you want to get into the bitcoin world.

A word of warning first

Bitcoin is pure speculation. If you start today, you won’t be rich tomorrow. On the contrary: Now that the price of a coin is around 8,450 euros, you can lose several hundred euros a day by owning just one coin – but you can also win. Think of investing in cryptocurrencies as entering a stock market at speed – prices rise and fall by up to 50 percent every day. If you can’t stand it, you can only lose here. So a tip: At the beginning of your journey, invest only a little money in this new market and watch the courses. After a few weeks, you’ll get a better sense of what’s happening with your money. And one more thing: Similar to stocks, you should only invest money if you can spare it in the short term – or, in extreme cases, could even do without it.

Virtual Crypto Wallet

Wallet: The virtual wallet

You first need a wallet at the beginning of your journey into the new world. These are the trading platforms themselves, such as Coinbase or Kraken, or your PC in the Bitcoin world. The advantage of storing it online: Your virtual money is always available worldwide. When it comes to trading, you have almost no choice but to park your money (at least some of it) there. The problem: Again and again, there are hacks on said exchanges, where coins in the millions disappear forever. It is usually tough to get your money after that. If you want to park your digital money long-term, you need local software, a hardware safe, or even a printout. It supports the most common currencies, is easy to use, and is considered secure. More considerable sums should be transferred to devices like the Trezor or the Ledger Nano S. The paper purse is ideal for very long investments and safe storage. A tutorial explains how to do this. In any case, after setting up said wallets, you will get a bitcoin address.