Jewelry can add life to an outfit, and the right pieces can level up a simple look, even making you stand out. It’s also one way to express yourself and show your stylish side. There are different types of jewelry to choose from, and they are available in varying sizes, colors, and designs. You may have collected some of them through the years, and if you are looking to grow your collections, you will never run out of options as new styles always come out. So, if you want to look your best, here are some jewelry styling tips to remember.

Wear Customized Jewelry

Get at least one customized piece of jewelry that will serve as a unique piece that is only for you. It’s great to have if you want something exclusive that no one else has.  Customized jewelry is also a great way to express yourself and show your sense of style. For example, various Viking necklaces can showcase your love for history and Norse mythology while adding a touch of unique charm to your overall look. Conversely, you can opt for personalized necklaces with your birthstone or initials, giving a more personal touch to your outfit.

Layer Bracelets and Necklaces

Add some fun and boldness to your ensemble by layering your jewelry. For example, wear layers of bracelets and bangles or even different sizes of necklaces. However, if you decide to wear layered pieces on one part, leave the rest of the jewelry and outfit simple. You want to stand out without looking too busy. 

Wear a Statement Piece

A statement piece is something that will catch the eye. It must be something distinctive that people don’t usually see everywhere. Like customized jewelry, it’s also another way to attract attention and can even be a conversation piece. The tree of color jewelry is a great example. Some of their pieces include the Dragon’s Heart Labradorite and Blue Sandstone Necklaces. Their crystal rings are also extraordinary. 

Decide which part you want to focus on

If you want one part to be the focal point, make it eye-catching and let the other pieces be subtle. For example, if you wish your chunky necklace to be the center of attention, tame down the other jewelry pieces. You can go for small and simple stud earrings or forego wearing them. This is to prevent the other elements from getting the attention away from your main piece. On the other hand, if you want the focus to be on your face, your jewelry’s focal point must be the earrings. Choose a pair that will complement your shape and skin tone to look your finest. For example, if you have a round face, stay away from chunky round earrings and go for dangling ones instead. 

Do not go Overboard

It is easy to get carried away when accessorizing with jewelry, especially if you have a lot of gorgeous pieces. However, be sure to pause and determine if the look is nice or if it seems too busy or chaotic. There is always a limit, even with the accessories or jewelry to wear. Too much of it is not always good. 

Consider the Occasion

Just as some clothes are not appropriate to wear on specific occasions, the same goes for jewelry. For instance, the bold and flashy jewelry you would wear when clubbing with friends may not be appropriate if you attend a funeral or formal occasion. However, high-quality jewelry photography will help you choose the right piece for your outfits.

Have fun styling with your jewelry, but keep these tips in mind to ensure that you look your best without wearing too much.