If you want to change your garden space and dive into the world of landscaping, here are a few of the biggest trends in landscaping that you can incorporate into your outdoor space in 2024. 

Entrance Design

One of the latest trends becoming increasingly popular is to start your garden landscaping experience at the front gate. More people are whipping out their electric chainsaws and clippers and turning their front gates into garden features. 

Outdoor-Indoor Spaces

While outdoor living spaces have always been popular, more people are looking to create a living space outdoors that is more akin to something you will find in an indoor living room. Homeowners are steering away from generic outdoor furniture and are opting for something more upmarket. 

Couches, indoor chairs, etc, are all being put outside under a covering to create an ultra-comfortable and luxurious seating area perfect for the family and guests.

Botanical Displays

The concept of a botanical display has often been reserved for palaces and the White House gardens. However, while some homeowners have done it on a small scale, much larger displays are growing in popularity.

Instead of having art or water features, luxury homeowners want their plants and trees to be the art in their gardens. They use flowers, vines, branches, etc, to create interesting shapes and patterns that add a touch of natural but artificial beauty. 

Low-Carbon Landscaping

Being more eco-friendly is becoming more and more of an aspect of life, and landscaping is no exception. Being more eco-friendly in your garden can range from using plants and trees that require less water to installing solar panels and making them part of the overall design. 

This can also be done in smaller gardens, and going down the route of being more eco-friendly is not only good for the planet but it can also help you save money in the long run. 


Metal may not be the first material you think of when it comes to landscaping, but a current trend is incorporating it to create a more industrial feel. There is a wide range of ways you can do this to get the same look. 

Art installations made from metal are a popular choice, while you can also incorporate metal furniture, planters, etc. 

Gardens for Local Wildlife 

Tying into the idea of being more eco-friendly, more and more homeowners want to create gardens that not only benefit them but also the local wildlife. Once again, there are several ways to do this. 

The first to install insect “hotels” for bees, bumble bees, etc, to live. You can also plant flowers or plants that feed insects or local animals or simply have bird baths and bird feeders dotted around the space. 

Landscaping ways to benefit your landscape. Photo by Boris Smokrovic-gr7ZkoZnHXU-unsplash

Artificial Grass

For much larger spaces, there has been a definite turn towards using artificial grass. Not only can you save time and money when it comes to watering, but it will also provide a beautiful, green look all year round. 

More Water

Finally, water features are nothing new, but the type of water features being used is changing. Instead of the typical fountain, more homeowners with larger gardens are getting creative with how they incorporate more water into their gardens. 

Landscaping to incorporate streams or small ponds is not only a unique choice for a water feature, but it also allows you to keep fish and draw in more creatures and critters that can call it home. 

Landscaping Tips

If you are new to landscaping or looking to make an area your own, here are a few tips to remember to ensure your garden turns into something you will love. 

Know What Your Garden Needs

The first thing you need to do is decide what your garden needs. Is it a bit dry and in need of some life, or is it a bit too wild and needs to be tamed? Knowing what your garden needs to be its best allows you to understand the direction you should take it in. 

What Must It Do?

Next, you need to decide what you need your garden to do for you. Is it going to be a place for you to relax or entertain guests? Is it a space you want for the show, or does it need to be a magical space for your kids to play in?

Knowing what you need out of it will stop you wasting time and money on features you don’t need, and it can be designed perfectly for your needs and wants. 

Outside furniture for a better landscaping look. Photo by Ray Fragapane-7piUvTG2jIc-unsplash

Be Patient 

Take your time when it comes to your garden. Not only do you need patience when it comes to your plants and trees growing, but you should also take the time to figure out what you want them to look like and do. 

Landscaping and gardening can be very costly and take a lot of time; therefore, not making any hasty decisions can save you in the long run. 

Focal Points

Finally, there should always be one or even multiple focal points in your garden. This can range from a water feature to an outdoor seating area, and it can quickly increase the beauty of the space.