Are you putting your house for sale? Be physically and emotionally ready. Selling your home entails not only your physical strength but also your planning skills. It is not just putting a “for sale” sign upfront. It is emotionally draining and time-consuming too. There will come a time that you may feel like people are invading your privacy. Strangers may go and roam around looking at every little space there is and sometimes criticizing it as well and what of those things you need to clean from top to bottom, scrub and repaint so that buyers will want it. Those are the things that you need to consider to get a higher market value.

Have a checklist of the things you need to do and prepare yourself and your family to let go of your house.

house sales handshake
Welcome Buyers

Make your home accommodation and attractive to buyers. Put fresh flowers in the kitchen and the dining area. Flowers are always a nice touch. It is essential that you make an excellent first impression. You want to captivate your buyers. Set it all up to a welcoming aura from your lawn to the inside of the house. Trim the grass alongside walk and pots, look after the flowers and shrubs, and if the weather is good, it’s nice to plant flowers in a pot or window boxes to add color.

According to researchers, staging a new house is helpful to sell it faster at a high price.

Hire The Best Real Estate Agent/Company

It should be the first on your list. You need an expert agent to market your house. Agents are knowledgeable about what the buyer wants, and need and they can advise you professionally on what to do so that you can sell it at the best possible price. You can check out Sell My House Fast York PA to get an insight and a little assistance for selling your house.

Sometimes you can talk to others who have experience working with an agent because most of them worked with the same one that they can trust. It’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion when looking for a real estate agent.

Repair and Make It Sparkle

The time to fix all the things you ignore and save for later is now. Maybe it is a broken window seal, a cracked tile, scratch floor, or a leaky faucet, tackle it all now before putting it up on the market. Otherwise, buyers will be put off of a neglected house. Besides, it is time to repaint your wall. Adding a new paint will make your home appear bigger, brighter, and welcoming as long as you stick to the paint’s lighter shades.

Furthermore, this is the time for decluttering and organizing. Buyers can see your house better for what they are if it is clean. It will go a long way in attracting buyers. They will be able to focus on the house rather than your junk and baubles.

Apart from this, clean from top to bottom, from wall to ceiling. You will want your house to look spotless and fragrant, so you need to do some deep cleaning to remove the lingering scent of pets or odor from used oil. Clean, clean, clean, and let your house sparkle!

Putting Your Home up for sale
Depersonalized Your Home

While repairing and decluttering your home, see to it that you depersonalize each area of your home as well. Put away anything that reveals your persona, likes, or interest. Pack up your family photos, your heirlooms, or your vintage collection and sports memorabilia. Not only those but also signs of religious and political affiliation. Although it is not a big consideration, the buyer can be more positive about things and not be awkward. Bear in mind that it’s going to be somebody else’s home soon. Let the buyer see it as their own.

Rearranging Your Furniture

The arrangement of your furniture usually is how it best suits you and your family. It is the way it is because that’s what makes you comfortable, but it should not be when you’re staging a home to sell. If you can make it look like a site from a lifestyle magazine, it is much better. Avoid putting furniture that lines up the walls. Pull the sofa away from the wall and pull the chair close to make a cozy conversation. You may want to remove furniture out of the way to be easy for people to walk around and view the house. Use every form possible to showcase your home for a fast and profitable sell.

Research the Market Value

First, you can do your homework and look for an idea on the internet for your house’s value. Second, you can go to your local assessor to determine the estimated market value of your property. Establishing your home market value gives you more authority over your property taxes, insurance premiums, and the house’s sale. Please take it in mind that there are also factors that can affect your home market value. Listed below are some of the examples:

External Characteristics

  • It includes home conditions, the size of your lot, water sewage system, pavements, and many more.

Internal Characteristics

  • It includes the size and number of rooms, construction quality, appliance condition, and the likes.


  • Consider the reason for the buyer for acquiring the property. It might be that they need a place near a school if they have children that are still studying or near a hospital if someone in their family needs frequent medical assistance.

Supply and Demand

  • It is the equation of how much property is listed on and how many are the buyers.

Just reading this list of things is literally exhausting, what more if you are doing it. It can be challenging, but planning is the key. You may not need to do all these things, tackle one area, and don’t rush. Most importantly, get professional help to narrow down your list, from a real estate agent who knows what upgrades, repairs, and preparation to sell your house.