Home is where memories are created and retained, and creating the perfect home takes careful planning and a great eye for detail. Sometimes, small home improvements can be life-changing and bring comfort and ease to our hectic lives.

If you are on the lookout for some great home improvement ideas, here are our top picks for the improvements that you should consider for your next house remodel:

Energy Star Window Glass

A safe home requires window glass that can withstand hurricanes and stop thieves from being able to break in. The cost of installing energy star glass may be more expensive than normal glass, but the benefits in terms of both safety easily make up for the investment. As well as securing your home, modern windows like the Energy Stars also help increase the energy efficiency of your home and will save you money on heating and cooling costs, while also improving the soundproofing of your home.

Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

When winter comes, one of the most uncomfortable feelings is having to sit on a cold, ill-fitting toilet seat. Nowadays, in Japan, almost every toilet has heating, rinse, and self-cleaning functions. If changing your entire bathroom is not an option for you, then consider just upgrading your toilet seat. There are many toilet seat brands, and the experts from ProjectForHome.com explained that you should do your research before choosing.

While classic toilet seats are still most people’s choice, some amazing innovations are being made in the area of toilet seat design, such as heated nightlight toilet seats. The gentle LED glow is especially convenient when you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and don’t want to turn on the bright light in the bathroom. What’s even better is this toilet seat can close itself slowly and noiselessly, so no more toilet seat slams.

Ceiling Fans with Lights

This is a smart 2-in-1 item that every home should have. The ceiling fan creates cool breezes and reduces the strain on air conditioners, thus saving you money on the cost of electricity. The light is attached to the fan, and you can turn on and off the fan or the light anytime. Given the relatively cheap cost and easy installation of ceiling fans and lights, this is a highly recommended home improvement that can change your life.

Temperature Control Sheets

Who would have thought bedsheets could help you save energy? If the summer in your city is really hot and humid, you may want to try special cooling bed sheets and pillowcases that have been developed in Japan. These bed sheets and pillowcases are made out of special mineral-infused fibers that provide a cooling sensation when touched and absorb heats away from the body. Not only are they great at keeping you cool, but they are incredibly soft and are very comfortable to sleep on.

In the US, there are also modern bed sheets that use technology developed for NASA and the US military’s combat clothing. These sheets will absorb heat when you get hot and release it when you get cold. These are great because you can use them all year round as they will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Motion-Sensor Lighting

Motion-sensor lighting is becoming increasingly popular, and every modern smart home would benefit from these special lights. Motion-sensor lights automatically turn on when the detectors recognize motion from someone or something walking, and then turn off again when the person has walked past. Not only are they smart and help to make your life much easier, but they also help to save energy, especially when you forget to turn off the lights, and this can save you a lot of money in energy bills.

Water Filter

People often wonder if their tap water is as clean as it should be, and they have good reason to do so as tap water in many areas often contains a lot of hard minerals. It is always best to protect your family’s health by installing a water filtration system as they are inexpensive, easy to install, and extremely effective. Water filters enable you to get clean drinking water without having to buy expensive water bottles, which saves you money and protects the environment by producing less plastic.

You don’t always need to make big changes to your home to feel a difference. Sometimes, small and simple home improvements can bring a new level of comfort and leisure to your life. It may be as simple as installing a new glass, changing your bedsheets, or upgrading your lights!