When deciding to move to a new state, you may be surprised that Arizona is high up on the list for people. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, The Grand Canyon State draws people in from far and wide to experience everything it has to offer, from a much lower cost of living to the incredibly sunny weather. It’s very well situated too for road trips and vacations to nearby states, with California and Las Vegas being just a few hours away. So, what can you expect once you move here?

Arizona Weather

Phoenix really does live up to its namesake, with hot weather almost all year round. In fact, it’s one of the sunniest cities in the country, experiencing around 330 days of sunshine on average every year. Breaking that up is the monsoon season between June and September, bringing an increased risk of heavy downpours and even flooding. But for the most part, the hot and sunny weather dominates the climate here, so make sure you pack your shades and sunscreen. 

Commuting In Phoenix

The sheer size of Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, means that you’ll never run out of places to visit, although that does make the place slightly more difficult to navigate, especially when commuting to work. If you don’t have one or if you’re looking for a change, it may be worth purchasing a car to help you get around the city and suburbs. Visit Echo Park, a used car dealership in Phoenix to find a suitable vehicle for you. With their wide range of different cars and trucks, you’re bound to find the ideal car for the Arizona landscape and weather. If you’re living in one of the outlying cities such as Scottsdale or even Tucson, you’ll want to get a reliable vehicle that’s suited to the dry and rocky terrain. In addition to this, a car that’s good at helping you beat the heat is essential. Trucks and SUVs are your best bet here. 

Phoenix, Arizona real estate

Cost Of Living

One of the biggest benefits to living here is the lower-than-average cost of living, which includes everything from housing costs to groceries, and transportation. Choosing to live here could see you saving a whole lot of money compared to other large cities across the US. For example, an apartment in downtown Phoenix could see you paying on average around $1300, compared to the huge costs of somewhere like Manhattan, where renting will likely cost you around $3800 on average. It’s no wonder that with all of these perks, Arizona is one of the top destinations for relocation.  

Nightlife And Entertainment

Phoenix has countless options for some quality downtime after work, from exciting nightclubs and bars to romantic restaurants and live music venues. Make sure you pay a visit to the Roosevelt Row Arts District to enjoy a selection of enticing cocktail bars, and luxury restaurants during the twilight hours, and art galleries and boutique shops during the daytime. No matter which part of the city you visit, you’ll be able to find somewhere fun and exciting.