A Smart TV is an invaluable addition to any smart home setup, offering the ultimate experience for all your television and gaming needs. While many come with an expensive price tag, the clever features and advanced technology more than compensate for the high cost. 

When buying big-ticket items, it is worth waiting for seasonal sales like Boxing Day TV deals to secure a great discount on the ultimate Smart TV. 

Best Smart TV For Most

If you want to splurge on the best television, look no further than Samsung’s S90C OLED. It is a fantastic model with a large selection of smart features, including technology to support both Bixby and Alexa voice assistants, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred platform. 

If voice assistants are not your thing, the well-organized Tizen innovative interface is high-speed and easy to use. It contains an extensive range of different streaming apps, with the QD-OLED panel giving you a vibrant and crisp color display to enjoy your favorite shows. 

The advanced brightness features mean it can quickly get bright enough to overcome any glare or bright lights, with reflection handling that will please any viewer. It is available in four sizes and is a fantastic option for those who want premium viewing without the hefty price tag. 

Home-Theater Set-Up

If you want the best home theater experience and have money to burn, the Sony A95L OLED may be the TV you are after. The Sony flagship smart television supports the popular Dolby Vision HDR, allowing you to enjoy the most advanced HDR experience possible. 

Furthermore, the model comes equipped with a selection of smart features, including the built-in Google TV interface, which carries a wide selection of streaming apps. It also supports hands-free voice control, allowing you to find your favorite content or control your other devices simply using voice assistant. The A95L is available in three sizes, giving you more flexibility to suit your family’s needs. 

Another big smart tvIdeal for Gaming

The Samsung S95C was practically made for gaming. The brand-new Samsung Gaming Hub supports cloud-based gaming via the Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now. It also integrates Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify and comes with four HDMI ports, letting you set up multiple gaming consoles with effortless switching between devices. These convenient and clever features all combine to create the ideal setup for a weekend of gaming with friends. 

The incredibly thin design allows you to mount it flush against the wall or on a stylish TV stand, making it suitable for gaming rooms or lounges of any size. The Dolby Atmos and Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound+ provide immersive surround sound audio. Unfortunately, these features don’t come cheap, but for those serious about their gaming, it will be a worthwhile investment. 

Buying on a Budget

If you are looking to upgrade your television and would prefer not to spend a ton of cash to do so, the TCL S4 is a brilliant option worth considering. The 50-inch version may be one of the most affordable smart televisions on the market, but it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice features to save. 

This TV supports both Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos, giving you superior picture and crystal-clear audio. Furthermore, you have access to Alexa and Hey Google voice controls as well as built-in Google TV, which is equipped with a range of popular streaming apps, turning your TV into the ultimate entertainment hub. 

Big-Screen Viewings

For those looking for the ultimate big-screen experience, the Sony X90L features an eye-watering 98-inch screen, making it the prime focal point of any room. Because Sony knows that size isn’t everything, it is packed with a variety of great features, including voice controls from Alexa, Hey Google, and Siri, allowing you to use your TV and all connected devices without lifting a finger. 

Dolby Vision provides crisp details, deep contrasts, and vivid colors that will feel like real life. Dolby Atmos ensures your virtual surround sound is crystal clear and fully immersive. The Voice Zoom 2 feature boosts dialogue in movies and shows, ensuring you never miss a word. With Google TV equipped with every popular streaming app you can think of, you will have plenty to watch. 

Smart TV offering NetFlixLuxury Indulgence

If you are after the best of the best and are willing to pay the heft price tag that comes with it, the LG G3 OLED TV is going to exceed your expectations. The newest addition to the G-series includes an updated OLED panel for a brighter picture than ever before and a 6th generation a9 processor, which works alongside artificial intelligence to analyze movies and shows scene-by-scene to ensure the best upscaling, color, contrast, and detailing. 

Additionally, the G3 is able to automatically calibrate audio settings by constantly monitoring ambient room sounds and adjusting your television volume to deliver clear audio at all times. Gamers will be pleased to hear that both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium VRR technology are supported, while film lovers will appreciate the Filmmaker Mode. 

Finally, when you are not using your television, you can switch to art gallery mode to display your favorite pictures, videos, or paintings.