With much of the world still in lockdown and many countries’ borders closed, travel is either restricted or impossible. So, to ensure you still get your dose of wanderlust, we’ve rounded up some of the best travel books on the market for armchair travelers.

While most of us can’t travel much further than our front door, reading a good travel book can take your imagination thousands of miles, to luxury destinations and secret escapes, no passport required. Indeed, immersing yourself in a travel book can be just as transformative as the journey itself.

So, curl up in your favorite spot and transport yourself to some of the world’s most luxurious and off-the-beaten-track destinations, courtesy of these fantastic travel books. And, once you’ve completed reading this list of books, you’ll have an enviable bucket-list of must-visit escapes to start planning once the pandemic ends.

Luxury destinations and secret escapes for armchair travelers

1,000 places to see before you die, by Patricia Schultz

A must-have favorite with travelers since the first edition was launched in 2003. This latest edition of this best-selling travel book provides a wonderful visual tour of some of the most scenic and luxury destinations in the world. Packed with more than 1,000 stunning images and over 540 pages of inspiring destinations to visit, this wonderful travel book will have you planning your next travel escape.

Hidden Places, by Sarah Baxter

Author and journalist Sarah Baxter brings this inspired traveler’s guide to some of the world’s most secret destinations. Take your mind on a journey from forgotten cities to hidden sanctuaries and luxury destinations far from the madding crowds. Featuring 25 destinations, each accompanied by evocative text and stunning illustration, this travel guide is ideal for those who simply wish just to get away from it all.

luxury-destinations-The Hound lover
The Hound From Hanoi, by Moire O’Sullivan

Dog lovers will fall in love with this inspiring story of a pooch that is rescued from a dog meat restaurant in Hanoi and then finds itself on an epic journey, from Vietnam to Nepal and Cambodia. Beautifully written, this inspiring tale of adventure and travel is bound to delight. A down-to-earth true story, The Hound From Hanoi, will help you see the good, no matter the situation.

Luxury Destination Lonely Planet
Photo courtesy of Kristof Bellens/Shutterstock

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel, 2020

The Lonely Planet is one of the world’s most popular collections of travel books, and its Best in Travel 2020 offers a definitive read to some of the best must-visit luxury destinations, far-flung escapes, and sustainable travel experiences. Compiled by Lonely Planet’s expert team of writers, editors, and social media influencers, each destination has been carefully chosen due to its topicality, unique experiences, and ‘wow’ factor. A must-read for those that love to travel.

A Moveable Feast, edited by Don George

Gourmands will delight in this delicious book highlighting life-changing food adventures from around the world. Published by Lonely Planet, A Moveable Feast includes an array of essays by culinary experts, including Jan Morris and Andrew Zimmerman. Go on a culinary journey and discover a spectacular array of delicacies and mouth-watering dishes, from barbecue in the heartland of America, to mutton in Mongolia, and discover a wide range of escapes, from luxury destinations to those far from the madding crowds.

Luxury destinations Atlas of remove islands

Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands, by Judith Schalansky

A compilation of 50 of the world’s remotest islands, this is the perfect read for anyone dreaming of a private yacht charter in which to explore them all. The pocket atlas includes maps, alongside bizarre stories from the history of the islands themselves, from rare animals to forgotten castaways. With featured islands including St Kilda, Scotland, and the intriguingly named Disappointment Island, New Zealand, this is the book for wanderlusts who wish to travel far off the beaten path.

Which luxury destinations and secret escapes on the books above do you fancy visiting first?