The global health pandemic has affected every type of business sector, and the luxury niche is no different.

Physical businesses are now opening up with restrictions, some brands are adopting a hybrid of online and physical business models, and others are continuing to focus on delivering high-end goods and services via digital.

But there’s also the question of marketing spend – with potential customers occupying different physical and psychological spaces, it’s time to take a more nuanced approach about how to connect with them and review to the tone of your messaging too.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at three ways businesses are surviving the luxury lockdown.

Physical opening with social distancing

This is a route many pubs and restaurants have taken since restrictions eased recently. Although social distancing naturally means there are fewer customers in a particular hotel or restaurant, it’s a return of much-needed income for businesses that can’t efficiently operate online. It also allows talented staff to do what they’re best at – providing impeccable service to customers and showcasing the finest cuisine, entertainment, and hospitality!

Tip: take a look at how the 5-star Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh has prepared for reopening.

Haute cuisine home deliveries

Before this pandemic era, ‘high-class food’ and ‘takeaway’ weren’t two terms that necessarily sat comfortably side by side.

But rather than close their doors altogether, some luxe cafes and restaurants have been providing chic home deliveries rather than closing their doors completely. And offered that you’ve got a reliable delivery partner with contact-free procedures who can deliver food swiftly but safely, you can ensure that the cuisine customers are enjoying in their homes meets the prerequisite standards.

Tip: Michelin-starred chef Simon Rogan has been operating a home delivery service from his renowned L’Enclume restaurant.

Digital marketing

When fewer of your customers are out and about in public, they’re probably passing fewer billboards, buying magazines less frequently, and perhaps watching different types of the TV at unusual times too – all of which means that it’s tougher to target them via traditional advertising.

However, since everyone is spending more time than ever online, both during work and leisure time, it makes sense to switch more of your marketing spend to digital marketing methods like content marketing, SEO, paid ads, influencer marketing, and social media. Furthermore, the fine-grained analytics digital makes available mean you’ll find clever new ways of segmenting and connecting with your audience, bringing you closer to them than ever.

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Follow these three survival methods, and your luxury business will survive lockdown and adapt with agility to the ‘new normal.’

Nothing will be business as usual for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean customers will stop enjoying the finer things in life – you simply have to find ingenious new ways to reach out to them.

That’s our list! Share your own luxury lockdown tips in the comments section.