Toilets are some of the most regularly used home elements. Over time, your commode will succumb to the effects of wear and tear and you’ll need to replace it. When shopping for a new toilet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wide variety of options in the market. Over the years, toilets have come a long way and now offer numerous functions, designs, and capabilities. The best toilet should be comfortable, functional, and fits your bathroom design.

Types of Luxury Toilets

Use factors such as toilet design, flushing technology, toilet style, and brand to make your choice. Luxury toilets come with additional features and sport the best specifications. If you are thinking about installing a luxury toilet in your home, you can get more information here. When it comes to buying a luxury toilet, the first decision you need to make is the type of toilet you want.

The type of toilet is characterized by the basic method the toilet employs to flush and dispose of waste. Your choice will then dictate the best style and flushing method for the toilet. The most common types of toilets are waterless, double-cyclone, pressure-assisted, and gravity feed. Here’s a brief description of how each of these types of toilets works.

Waterless Toilets

As the name suggests, waterless toilets do not use water. This type of toilet is designed for facilities without water or plumbing. Waste is collected in a receptacle under the seat of the toilet. Waterless toilets are commonly used while camping, during home renovation projects, and at work sites. This type of toilet is quite uncommon in permanent homes.

Double-Cyclone Toilets

Double-Cyclone Toilets use two nozzles along the rim to provide water for a flush as opposed to holes in the rim of the bowl. These toilets have an amazingly powerful flush and use a minimal amount of water per flush. They save a little amount of water per flush, which can save a significant amount of money on your monthly bill. This technology is quite new but it’s catching up fast.

Pressure-Assisted Toilets

In a Pressure-Assisted Toilet, pressurized air forces water from the tank to the bowl. Pressure-assisted toilets have a lot of flushing power. These toilets flush faster with more force than other types of toilets, they are also more efficient. Clogging is uncommon when dealing with pressure-assisted toilets. These toilets are ideal for large families with children where the toilet is used regularly. 

Gravity-Feed Toilets

Gravity-Feed Toilets simply use gravity to flush wastes from the toilet bowl. Gravity-feed toilets use a siphoning action in the bowl. When you press the flush valve, water moves through the bowl to push the waste through the trap way. The movement of the flush is designed to help clean the bowl. This type of toilet is known for quiet flushing action. Gravity-feed toilets also have few moving parts hence easy to clean and maintain. It’s the most common type of toilet in North America.

Dual-Flush Toilets

Dual-Flush toilets combine the technology of pressure-assisted toilets and gravity-feed toilets to flush out the waste out of the bowl. Every time you empty the bowl, you can choose a full flush or a half flash. A full flush system clears the toilet bowl through a pressure-assisted mechanism and is used to clear solid waste. A half flush uses a gravity-feed system to flush out liquid waste from the bowl. Thanks to their water saving benefits, dual-flush toilets are rapidly growing in popularity. In terms of sale, dual-flush toilets are gradually catching up with pressure-assisted and gravity feed toilets.