We often forget that our backyards are an extension of our homes; as a matter of fact, they are probably the least used aspect of each of our homes. For many people, the backyard only comes in handy during the occasional barbeque parties and whenever they host large gatherings. This is perhaps because the backyard is not as nearly as comfortable as your living room. If you have kids, they wouldn’t bother hanging out in the backyard either; this is because of all the video games and electronics that are inside your home. As we started spending more time at home, more and more people began to realize the importance of home renovations. There is only so much that we can do indoors; spending more time outside can be rewarding for the mind, soul, and body. You must really like your backyard and feel comfortable in it so that you can feel encouraged to spend more time outdoors. Here’s how you can make your backyard as comfortable as your living room with this simple guide. 

Color, Patterns, Textiles

Have you ever seen a home without decor? I don’t think so! You have probably spent so much time contemplating the design of your home’s interior. From selecting color schemes and palettes to choosing the patterns and the textiles, you may have had the perfect vision of what you want your home to look like. A well-designed and put-together home can make guests, as well as its inhabitants, feel welcome. Your backyard should do the exact same thing. You can customize your own deck or patio and decorate it with water-resistant textiles. You can come up with a totally different color scheme, or even theme, or just follow the same design elements of your home’s interior. After you decide on the colors and the textiles that you plan on using, make sure to incorporate them on different-sized pillows. It’s important that the fabric that you choose to use is easily dried, easy to clean, and is UV rays resistible. Setting up your own deck and decorating it with pillows can add style and softness to the outdoor environment. If you want to add an extra hint of style and plush, you can use an outdoor rug to elevate your space. 

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Fire For Warmth

One other reason why not many people like to go out in their backyard is that it tends to get really cold in winter or even at night during the summer. To help solve this problem, the experts at yardiac.com suggest that you create a pit fire and use relevant accessories to help it last longer. Not only will this keep you warm and boost coziness, but your pit fire or fireplace can also easily become the center of attention or focal point of the space that you place it in. A pit fire can help define your area and give it more character. It can also help you increase your privacy, creating somewhat of an outdoor room. If you plan on setting up an outdoor kitchen, having a pit fire can be a good starting point. Whether you decide to get a built-in or a moveable one, your fire pit will bring many people together over deep stories, games, S’Mores, and more. You will be able to use your outdoor living room whenever you desire.  

Lounging Spots

We all resort to our living rooms to unwind and relax; there is nothing like plopping down on a soft, fluffy sofa at the end of a tiring, busy day. Imagine ending your day not only on a relaxing note but also surrounded by the beauty of nature. Creating a lounging spot in your backyard may come as one of the best decisions that you will ever have to make. All you need to do is set up a hammock between two deck posts or trees to create a soothing place to nap. You can add soft blankets and pillows to the hammock to make it extra comfy. This would also be ideal if you would like to sunbathe, read a book, or just escape temporarily from the demands of the world too. 

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Not many people appreciate all that their backyard has to offer. Because it is viewed as nothing but a nice-to-have addition to their homes, many people completely neglect their backyards. What they don’t realize is that with a little effort and a bit more innovation and creativity, just about any backyard could turn into a full-on comfortable outdoor living room.