Whether you are new to the stoner scene or a veteran herb enthusiast, concentrates are the ultimate way to indulge in ganja. Both potent and smooth, dabs accentuate every nuanced flavor of nature’s green flower. Additionally, concentrates are packed with cannabinoids meaning you’ll enjoy a long-lasting high after just one puff. 

As all dabbers know, the key to a good smoke session lies in your dab rig. Intricate glass dab rigs filter the smoke and allow you to inhale a smooth, clean-tasting hit. Whether they are electric models or hand-blown glass rigs like those from MJ Arsenal, a durable dab rig is an essential item. Even mini dab rigs produce a delectable high, although most stoners are unaware of the benefits. Their small size and big impact are proof that bigger isn’t always better. 

Are you ready to downsize? Consider these six reasons why you should consider a mini dab rig. 


Mini dab rigs are perfect for on-the-go smoke sessions. The small design allows you to store it in a backpack or purse and access it when you’re craving a toke. For these reasons, mini dab rigs are far more convenient and user-friendly than their full-size counterparts. 

Easy to clean

Less surface area makes a mini rig a breeze when it comes to cleaning. Simply add your favorite cleaner or isopropyl solution and let sit for a few minutes. Once the resin is thoroughly soaked, drain and prepare for your next smoke session. 

Bigger hits

Large dab rigs often include multiple chambers and accessories. While the add-ons might appear attractive, they often inhibit a large inhale. On the other hand, Mini dab rigs offer a quicker route for the smoke to reach your lips. Meaning you can take larger hits and achieve a more potent high. 

MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig & Banger Set. Photo courtesy of MJ Arsenal
MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig & Banger Set. Photo courtesy of MJ Arsenal

More Flavor

In the same way that mini dab rigs offer a bigger hit, these small-but-mighty alternatives also produce more flavorful rips. Large dab rigs often dilute the flavor of the concentrate as the smoke travels through various chambers. Micro rigs aren’t as filtered, resulting in a bold, full-bodied hit. 


It’s not uncommon to get a little clumsy after a potent smoke session. Thoughtless movements or accidents often result in a messy house, or worse, a shattered rig. Unlike larger models, which can easily get knocked over when left out, a mini dab rig stays out of harm’s way. Its small size puts it at a much lower risk of being hit by a careless hand. Additionally, mini dab rigs are often made from thick and durable glass, so even if you drop it once or twice, it won’t shatter. 

More bang for your buck 

Micro dab rigs are less expensive than a full-sized version. Spending less money on a rig allows you to purchase higher quality cannabis in more quantity. And while a mini dab rig is cheaper, you won’t sacrifice quality. 

Mini but mighty 

Downsizing your dab rig elevates your smoking experience. Mini dab rigs produce a more potent high and make each hit a tasty treat. The ultimate convenient smoke buddy, micro rigs allow you to take dab on any adventure you desire. So whether you are a loyal dabber ready to try something different, or a newbie looking for something easy, mini dab rigs are the perfect herbaceous purchase.