Bathrooms are no longer just a place for taking baths and getting cleaned. A bathroom that can’t help you relax and be enjoyable is not fun. By renovating your bathroom, you are investing in a rejuvenating new experience. Bathroom make-overs can be exciting, and the results are great when you have a clear plan and understand your requirements. Here are some great bathroom ideas for 2022.

Successful Bathroom Renovations

If you are thinking of redoing your old bathroom and turning it into a modern room, you need to start with a proper plan. Designing a bathroom is quite easy if you know what you want. Once you are clear about the layout, you can decide on the fixtures and colors you want. You can pick the materials according to quality and your budget. Here are some contemporary bathroom ideas for 2022.

Floor & Wall Tiles

the right ones can make a bathroom look modern. The color and material of the tile are important. You can use marble for a luxurious feel or go with a clean white, minimalist look. Do you plan to use it only on the floors or on the walls as well? Fixing the tiles in different patterns in abstract or geometric ways can add to the style quotient.

modern bathroom lighting fixtures

Lighting Options

Thanks to the various lighting options that are available nowadays, it is easy to find the perfect lighting fixtures. Lighting is an important element in design. Bathrooms should be evenly lit with no dark corners. Spotlights are good for this purpose. They can also be used for focusing on a particular spot. Illuminated mirrors are a must for modern bathrooms. They provide a nice glow and warmth.

Bathroom fixtures

If you are looking for a sleek look for your bathroom, choose wall-mounted fixtures. You can get a wall-mounted toilet, bathtub, basin, and storage shelves. There is a lot of design variety available, and you can choose according to your design plan. They can save space and make cleaning easier.

Use Technology

By incorporating technology, you can turn your bathroom into a modern one. You can opt for heated toilet seats or underfloor heating. Some toilet seats can be closed with a remote. It is possible to set the temperature and force of the shower water to be controlled. When it comes to modern bathroom ideas, the right technology can make all the difference.


Every time you look for ideas on bathroom designs, you invariably come across bathrooms with a lot of greenery. Instead of any other accessories, plants are much better. They not only look good but are also great at absorbing moisture and purifying the air. Moreover, they don’t require much maintenance, and you can replace them easily.

Elegant taps

Taps have become more beautiful over the years and come in surprising shapes and materials. Some are bold and minimalistic, but most modern bathrooms have taps with a revamped, curved handle design that is sculpturally superior to the older ones. They look classic but are completely modern. No wonder people call them the ‘jewelry’ of the bathroom.


Apart from the tile colors, you also need to select the colors of all the fixtures and accessories in the bathroom. Monochromes are in and give a modern vibe, unlike bright and loud colors. Muted colors work well in bathrooms, especially if you are going to choose some eye-catching fixtures. It would be best if you made sure that the colors and the lighting are in sync and not clashing.

Modern Shower

The design of the shower space can make or break your bathroom. Modern bathrooms usually have a transparent shower cubicle, but that may not be for everyone. With just the press of a button on a remote, you can turn the transparent glass into an opaque glass wall. The rainfall shower mounted on the ceiling looks sleek and is very functional. A shower is only enjoyable if the water pressure and temperature are perfect. Thanks to technology, you can monitor this easily.


If your bathroom is ready for renovation, you must go for a modern bathroom design. You can look at what is trending and take your needs into account. Avoid ideas that may be temporary trends and go for more classic yet sleek options. Modern bathrooms are a combination of joy, luxe, and style. Whatever you choose, just make sure that your bathroom is a place you are happy to spend time in.