You have finally closed the deal on your dream home. Now it’s time to pop up a bottle of champagne and get ready to live your life at the new address. Not so soon! When you move home, you expect everything to go perfectly, as good as you imagined. Of course, everyone pictures their move-in day like that.

But, there is a possibility you may face some unwanted troubles after you make the move. And, that will probably be the last thing you will want to deal with after a long, tiring day.

That said, before you move-in, you must look after a few pre-move-in projects to save time and trouble. Knocking out these X to-dos before the moving day will make the entire process easy and stress-free, exactly the way you deserve.

 Change The Locks

 Before you even start searching for moving companies Frederick, MD, you must have all the locks of your new house changed. You have no idea how many copies of the keys the previous homeowner, estate agent, or the maintenance workers have. And not knowing who has your keys is a major security risk. The safety of your family and the property should be your first priority.

So, change your locks before you move-in. If you have an alarm system, change its password or combination.

 Replace The Batteries

 Your home inspector might have missed checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors during the inspection. If the batteries of these devices are dead, your safety could be at risk. Therefore, before you move in, you must check all the detectors and replace their batteries (if needed).

If your new home does not have these devices, get them installed.

 Check For Leaks

 Before moving in, you must inspect the new property for water leaks. Ideally, your home inspector will notify you of moisture stains on the drywall. But, to attain peace of mind, you should double-check everything.

 Check for discolored yellow rings on the drywall. If there are moisture stains, the repairs can be easily made when the house is empty.

 Steam Clean The Carpets

 Dust, dirt, airborne particles get trapped in the carpet’s fibers. In fact, dirty carpets attract germs and bacteria. Having said that, if your new house has carpets, you need to get them steam cleaned before you make the move.

Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets. They have immense experience and the necessary equipment to do the job efficiently. The steam cleaning will be done easily in an empty house, and you will also not have to wait for the carpets to dry.

 Check The HVAC System

 Your HVAC system regulates the temperature of your house so that you can stay comfortable all year round. To make sure it does not break down after you move in, inspect the HVAC system. Additionally, check the heating and cooling filters, and replace them, if needed.

 Paint The House

 If your new home needs to be painted, do it before you move-in. This will give the house more time to breathe. Not only will it save you from the trouble of dealing with paint fumes, but also of moving heavy furniture in and out of the room during the home painting.

Final Thoughts

Before you pay Montgomery movers for their service, you must get done with these key tasks. Moving is already so stressful, and you will not want to add more to your plate. Dealing with these pre-move-in projects will make your first day in the new property more enjoyable.