Before the invention of mechanical signaling systems in vehicles,  drivers had to make hand signals and many other safety features which  we enjoy today. As the demand for vehicles increased, every manufacturer wanted to produce something unique and better than that of  competitors. Modern vehicles now have numerous, more complex safety devices ranging from cruise control, parking sensors, ABS and many more. For fleet vehicles, we have fleet access, control and dvr systems and GPS locators among many others. The big concern is that all these in-dash safety features  could make drivers less safe..

The Era of Remote Control |  BMW manufacturers have already provided driver s with a remotely controlled parking capacity on its 7 series. This  allows you to move your  car either forward or backward in a straight line when faced with  a small, tight  parking space. Additionally, other cars will have a remote control for many other capabilities, including a central locking system and multi-functional dashboard system. According to experts in the auto industry, such  capabilities  make  drivers lose  focus as they try to operate them.

Sensors All Over | When driving modern cars, it is evident that there are sensors all over that detect almost every safety hazard. The vehicle’s computer relies on these to detect  mechanical problems . Long gone are the days when drivers had  to be an expert in noticing changes in driving experience to find and understand  car problems . Today, we wait until we can  various signs that are illuminated on the dashboard. We have sensors that automatically stop the vehicle when a driver  almost hits an object in front  or behind . All these sensors make drivers less aware while on the road. In case of any failure, most drivers would  be more susceptible to  accidents.

Programmed Assistants | Cars that can give instructions are becoming increasingly popular The GPS will take lead in giving directions, followed by a  reminder to service your car,  fuel up etc . Surprisingly, these programmed assistants seem to know everything about your car . In listening to their commands, you  leave the care of your car to  these robots; they care more about it than you do. Just like any other technology, they can fail or lose their memory, leaving drivers exposed to risks. It is, therefore, important  not to forget to do the right thing; analyze situations and monitor the performance of your car  whether the programmed assistant is there or not.

Adaptive Lights | Lights that adapt to the surrounding environment  are  the not the best option for most drivers. They do not consult your opinion, despite car manufacturers   claiming they effectively respond to changes . Sometimes, this will not be what you really need; you need situational analysis that can only be done by you . This lack of analysis by technology could  lead to an accident.

While all the safety features  are meant to enhance safety, some of them may lead to accidents, especially when drivers over-rely on them. Remember, it is  imperative  to pay attention while on the road.