Cannabis culture has always been very popular even when the herb was illegal but now that it is legal, the stigma and stereotypes that surround the plant and its users are fading and the world is embracing a new perception of marijuana. Legalization has also brought to light the many health benefits of medical marijuana such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant. Patients who have a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use can obtain cannabis products even in states where marijuana is legal for medical purposes only, like Maryland. They can achieve that by obtaining a medical marijuana card after speaking with Maryland medical marijuana doctors.

Medical marijuana has given birth to a massive industry that keeps growing and many products are associated with marijuana consumption and this article will go into more detail and explore some of them.


A vaporizer is a handheld inhalation device and the three most commonly found vaporizers are:

  1. Standard vaporizer
  2. Forced air vaporizer 
  3. Portable vaporizer

Vape pens are also very popular and commonly used amongst people who enjoy the experience. You can vape a liquid concentrate but there are also dry herb vaporizers available, such as those available at MagicVaporizers, where you put your dry herb into the chamber instead of a liquid concentrate. The great thing about vaporizers is that they are much healthier than smoking the traditional way because there is no combustion involved in the process. Smoking with a vaporizer also provides more potency, flavor as well as less smoke and no smell making it very discreet and ideal to smoke indoors or outdoors. Overall, vaporizers are very convenient. 


Bongs are one of the oldest and most traditional methods of smoking marijuana and as a consumer, it is an absolute must-have. A bong is a filtration device that is used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, and other herbal substances with a bong, water is required and to smoke, you simply pack your herb in the small chamber, light the herb while sucking in through the mouthpiece. Once you start sucking in, the herb will start burning and the water will start to bubble while smoke rises to the top of the device near the mouthpiece. Once enough smoke has been produced, you inhale the smoke and enjoy the effects that follow. For a smoother smoking experience, you can also add ice to your bong. This has a refreshing effect and is easier on the lungs. 


You need a grinder to crush your cannabis finely into small pieces so that when you smoke, your hits are a lot smoother. You will find a wide variety of grinders on the market including:

  • Acrylic grinder
  • Wooden grinder
  • Metal grinder
  • 2 piece grinder
  • 3 piece grinder
  • 4 piece grinder
  • Electric grinder 
  • Grater

cannabis accessories

You want to invest in a grinder because it speeds up the process of crushing your weed and it also properly separates the herbs and produces an even consistency which translates to a more even burn when you are smoking.  Grinders are convenient, easy to use, and are a big time saver. Some grinders have a resin catcher that catches kief when crushing and you can add this to your weed the next time you roll a blunt. 

Blunt wraps and rolling paper 

Blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves and allow you to roll a big blunt with a large amount of weed. Blunt wraps also contain nicotine as well as other flavors which makes them produce more smoke than rolling papers. Blunt wraps are easy to roll and there is no worry about tearing which is great. Rolling papers on the other hand are specialty papers that you use when rolling blunts or cigarettes. The most common brands of rolling paper include: 

  • RAW
  • Zig Zag
  • Rizla 
  • Bambu
  • Pure Hemp

RAW rolling paper also comes in 100% organic hemp which is environmentally friendly and a better alternative to regular rolling paper. The different sizes include:

  • 1 quarter 
  • Single wide
  • Double wide
  • 84mm
  • King size

Smoking the traditional way is great for when you are smoking in a social setting because it is common for a group of people to share one blunt. 

So there you have it, the must-have accessories for cannabis consumers. If you are new to cannabis consumption make sure you add the following to your bucket list: A bong, a vaporizer, a grinder, and blunt wraps or rolling paper. These items will give you an optimized experience.