So you’ve been hurt in a car accident, or maybe you slipped at work, or a product you bought was defective and ended up causing you harm, whatever it was, you’re in need of some support to handle an impending lawsuit or court case. This is a good time to consider getting a personal injury lawyer to help represent you and get the compensation or justice you need.

First, you’ll need to hire one, and it’s not always as simple as picking up the phone and dialing the number of the nearest attorney’s office. You need to be thorough in choosing the right legal help to ensure that you get that compensation and make sure that the guilty party is held accountable. Here are some tips on hiring a good personal injury lawyer.

Create a List of Criteria

You need to make a list of criteria, or wants, that you are looking for in your attorney. First, it helps if they are near to you. If you were looking for a lawyer in Missouri, then St. Louis personal injury attorneys are much more relevant to that criteria than attorneys in Georgia. This makes it easier to meet up. Secondly, you’ll want one that is affordable as well, as lawyer fees can be expensive. You’ll also want a lawyer who has a lot of background in handling personal injury cases similar to your own.

Highlight the Most Important Factors on that List

Your list of criteria won’t be limited to what was mentioned, those are just some examples. However, within that grander list, you’ll want to narrow it down a lot more. You want about 3-5 of those major factors that you really care about to be applicable to the candidates you are looking for. It’s okay to have some wiggle room as you’ll never find a lawyer that checks off every box, but you also can’t settle when it comes to finding a good lawyer either, so feel free to be picky.

Check Reviews and References

Just like buying a new TV, you’re going to need to check out reviews and references to make sure that you are getting the right legal help for your case. There are plenty of sites out there that compile reviews from former clients that help illuminate the pros and cons of a lawyer. You can even find references that they list on their own sites that help you make a more informed decision as well. Every little bit of research you put into their background will help you find honest and qualified guidance.


Look for Experience

You should also consider the experience. As mentioned in the part about criteria, experience is invaluable so this one should be one of your most important factors. Young lawyers or inexperienced lawyers aren’t bad, but it’s much safer knowing that an attorney has an extensive history of defending clients who are in a similar situation to you. They are able to assess each case to determine the depth of injuries and potential damages that can be pursued. They also have experience addressing insurance companies who are experts at finding ways to reduce or refuse claims. An experienced personal injury lawyer fights tooth and nail on behalf of his clients, making sure they receive fair compensation for their medical bills and other losses suffered due to the accident. It’s just an added peace of mind knowing that if your case ends up being a really sticky situation, they’ve seen their fair share of things to help you through this difficult time.

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Call Law Firms to Gather More Information

By this point, you can start ringing up law firms (or emailing) to gather more information about them and their teams. You can ask these questions you have as most of them will be ready and willing to answer anything knowing that you may be looking for their services. It’s a good time to gather some information and also figure out how easily contactable they are, which is a big part of finding a good lawyer. A reliable lawyer is one that you can reach almost any time of the day.

Set Up Meetings and Have Questions Ready

Finally, when you’re ready, you should set up some meetings to speak with the lawyers of your choosing to interview them and see what they may bring to the table to help you out. Not every lawyer will do this as many are exceptionally busy, but if they’re serious about helping you, they’ll try to find time to meet and do a consultation session.

Using all of these tips, you’ll find it much easier to find the right legal help you need. Dealing with a personal injury case is hard, but when you can find quality help to get you the compensation and support you need, it becomes much less daunting. Thanks to a personal injury lawyer, you can have more time to focus on your recovery while all of the important legal aspects are being taken care of.