Finding out you are going to be having a baby is such an exciting time in life.  Your life will never be the same, and getting ready for the baby to come is half the fun. Looking for the right car seat, the perfect crib, even changing vehicles for something that is more kid-friendly are decisions you will need to make.  As part of prepping for the baby, you will be starting to put together the baby’s nursery, and you will think it needs to be perfect before the baby comes.  Here three tips I wish I had known before having my first child. These three little tips would have made life a little easier.

Three Tips That Everyone Should Know When Designing a Nursery

Your Life Will Revolve Around The Changing Table 

When you start planning on how you would like to decorate the baby’s room, know that function needs to take precedence over everything else.  You might be asking yourself, why does everything need to be within arms distance of the changing table?  The simple fact is that when you are in the nursery many times, it will be to change the baby’s diaper. So ask yourself, when it is three in the morning, and you are standing there in the dark half-awake with a screaming baby, do you really want to be stumbling around the room looking for something you need? You will be grateful that you can reach the diapers, wipes, toys, or a new pair of clothes without taking your hand off the baby.

Once you have finished changing diapers on your changing table, if you can take no more than a step to put your baby back in his/her crib, you will be very grateful.  The same thing goes for your rocking chair. When it is pitch black in the room, you don’t want to journey to the other side of the room to find something you need.

Pick A Theme For Your Nursery

There are so many cute decorations for a baby’s room, so narrow it down right from the beginning to save yourself a ton of time and heartache trying to figure out what to use and what not to use.  If you don’t set a theme, you will end up with many cute nursery decors that most likely look great all by themselves but don’t work once it all gets put together.

Once you have your theme narrowed down, you will pick your colors and pick your nursery wallpaper.  Having fresh white walls and letting a fun wallpaper bring colors into the room is a great way to start.  If you keep most of the walls white, you will add color with your bedding and other decor items.  This also allows you to change up the decor as your child gets older without having to repaint a whole room.

Why Peel And Stick Nursery Wallpaper Is A Must

Peel and stick wallpaper is an incredible way to add color and a ton of personality to a room without a lot of work.  The craziest thing with kids is how quickly a baby grows.  While you are pregnant, you may think that the day will never come that you finally get to meet your baby.  Then once you have your baby, the first couple of months, you will be a super tired blur; from there, you will blink, and your child will be a toddler.

As kids grow and change so fast, peel and stick wallpaper is something you can change in a room that will dramatically change a room’s whole vibe.  With removable peel and stick wallpaper, you can peel it off the wall, and it won’t remove the paint or hurt the way in any way. This way, you can keep up with your ever-changing child while still having a fun, fresh look in his/her room.

So I hope these tips are helpful.  These are just a few things I wish I had known when I had my first little bundle of joy.  You might as well not make some of the mistakes every first-time parent makes because rest assured you would make a ton of others.  That is just part of the fun of being a parent. Kids don’t come with an instruction manual so know we all learn as we go.