Everybody knows that listening to music stoned can be the most incredible experience ever. But why? And what makes it so damn good? Let’s explore what happens when you get high and listen to music and how you can make the most of your auditory experience. From enhanced sound quality to increased feelings of euphoria, there are multiple ways cannabis can make listening to music even better than before you got high. 

Different strains can affect our musical enjoyment; some make us happy while others make us feel more chill or relaxed. Find the time and read about Lilac Diesel strain. It is a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa/30% Indica) known for producing an intense head high coupled with a full body stone. The low CBD levels in this strain ensure that Lilac Diesel will provide plenty of mental clarity without any sense of paranoia. Let’s look at some of the reasons why music sounds so damn good when you’re high.

Enhancement of Dopamine

Cannabis allows dopamine to be released more easily into the brain. Dopamine is associated with pleasure and motivation, so it’s no wonder that music sounds better when you’re high. Plus, THC activates the brain’s parts responsible for processing sound. So dopamine is enhanced, and your ability to process sound is also increased. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why music sounds better after smoking a joint.

Altered Perception

Being high gives you a different perspective on life, including music. Not only do you hear everything louder, but there’s also less distinction between instruments and vocals. So if it feels like the bass is vibrating your entire body, your favorite song just got 100x better. Some people have reported listening to different types of music after consuming cannabis because they enjoy hearing the differences in notes or sounds. The effect weed has on your brain can alter what parts of your brain are being used to process information and will change how you perceive music.

Marijuana Works Like a Psycho-Acoustic Enhancer

When you smoke weed, THC and other cannabinoids attach to the CB1 receptors in your brain. These receptors are found in the auditory cortex of your brain. They have been proven to affect how you perceive sound. In a nutshell, it improves the clarity of hearing sounds at around 6000Hz. Music can also be enhanced because smoking weed makes everything funnier and more emotional. Familiar tunes might evoke nostalgic memories or take you back to that moment when you first heard them; listening to them will make it feel like that time all over again.

Sense of Timing

Music sounds great when you’re high because cannabis affects your sense of timing. When you smoke weed, your brain slows down and becomes more sensitive to the rhythms in music. It makes it easier to appreciate the subtleties in the music that you might not notice when you’re sober. 

The external world feels slower because your brain processes information more slowly. So, the song’s beat becomes delayed, and tapping your foot or nodding your head in time with the music is easier. Essentially, your sensory perception has slowed down, making things seem smoother. You also have a higher chance of experiencing synesthesia (the crossing of senses) which can cause you to see colors while listening to a particular song, or that song may even change the taste.

It Improves Attention

Cannabis has improved attention by increasing task flexibility and working memory capacity. In other words, weed makes it easier to switch between tasks and hold information in your mind. It is especially beneficial for creative tasks that require a lot of mental juggling. And since music combines different sounds and instruments, it makes sense that cannabis would make it sound even better.

The Connection to the Artist

Most artists compose and record their songs under the influence of marijuana. It is speculated that artists produce better music due to a higher sense of creativity and an increased sensitivity to sound. It’s also believed that marijuana usage results in a more mellow mood, increasing artistic creativity.

Also, when you’re high on cannabis, your connection to the artist is intensified. You can feel the emotion in their voice and connect with the message in their lyrics. It’s as if you can feel what they’re feeling and understand their point of view. This connection can be so powerful that it can leave you feeling inspired or even changed after listening to a song.

Visual Processing

Cannabis causes changes in how our brains process information—Cannabis-induce changes in the left occipital area of the brain (responsible for processing visual information). The sensory information is processed and filtered through a person’s emotional state, affecting how they interpret what they see. As such, many people find that their ability to focus is enhanced, making it easier to appreciate the beauty of art.


When you’re high on cannabis, music can transport you to another realm entirely. It can make you feel the artist’s emotions more intensely and appreciate the complexities of the composition in a way that you wouldn’t while sober. Additionally, being high can heighten your senses, making you more attuned to the subtleties in the music that you might not otherwise notice.