Buying medical devices like contact lenses online that can affect your health and wellbeing is more time-intensive, requires extra effort, and is not simple as other shopping excursions done on the internet. Read more details on buying lenses online here.

People purchasing medical supplies, equipment, or devices have to take charge of the process. That begins the moment of the eye exam and fitting until you find a reputable retailer and you obtain the product and ensure its accuracy.

Why people choose to buy something so sensitive online is primarily due to the expense. Contacts can be exorbitantly expensive when purchased through an optometrist’s practice, which is even true with obtaining them through an optical retail establishment. 

Buying on the internet is simply a cost-effective approach to shopping in today’s market for everything, and that seems to be branching out into the health industry. It merely falls on the shoulder of the consumer to be responsible when it comes to pursuing products that have the potential to affect wellness, especially with eyes and vision.

Ordering Contact Lenses Online

When you order contact lenses online with reputable brands like Misaki contacts, you can feel comfortable that verification of the prescription will happen. Products will suit your needs according to the practitioner’s guidelines. That is not necessarily true with all retailers offering lenses online. 

With the vast array of options, it can prove daunting for a consumer to choose the right provider to meet specific needs. Some sites offer price comparisons, making a good starting point and a way to narrow down your choices to a select few. 

From there, you will want to consider rebates, special offers, shipping prices, and stock availability. After that, you will have a much smaller selection. The internet is sophisticated, making it tough to recognize a scammer from an authentic operation, even for those who genuinely believe they’re tech-savvy. Before you jump into a commitment from your list of choices, you should go through a simple checklist:

wearing contact lenses

  • Was Your Prescription Requested?  Retailers on the web have legal obligations to request a current prescription and verify it with your practitioner before following through with a sale. If the site advertises that there is no prescription required for lenses, you should walk away.

One thing to question here is how a provider will serve you without an accurate prescription so that you can genuinely see when you wear the lenses. The purpose of these medical devices is to improve your vision. Without knowing what lens it will take to do that, a provider eliminating the need for a prescription cannot legitimately help you to healthfully see.

  • Did They Verify Your Prescription?  Once an internet retailer receives a prescription from a practitioner, they then have to follow that up with verification with that practitioner of what the script indicates. The AOA or American Optometric Association is stringent about these guidelines and has gone to the FTC when retailers did not follow the rules.

Practitioners are busy, usually in a hurry when they write, and their writing is awful. No one can generally read it. Verification of the prescriptions is a necessity to know what it says. To make presumptions and pass the product on to the consumer can result in damages for that person.

Make sure to find out if the merchant takes these steps. If you’re unsure, contact your practitioner to see if this one does follow through as they should with prescriptions. It might be added effort on your part, but in the end, it’s a benefit for your safety.

  • Quantity of Lenses Offered?  A large merchant will have a substantial quantity and has the potential for shipping products out much faster than a smaller company. You also have to consider the likelihood for a store to go out of business, leaving you stuck if you need to make a return. 

A reputable, established business is trustworthy with little chance of running out of stock, delays in shipping, or failing. That does not mean you have to do business with a corporation or that these are always the best option. 

There are robust start-ups and small businesses that can provide optimum service. Again, it is merely a matter of reputation, research, and references. If it is a responsible, reliable retailer who takes the time to garner substantial stock, size is irrelevant.

  • Is There A Telephone Number?  If you can find contact information, specifically, a contact phone number behind the website information and the social media page that speaks volumes for the retail company. It tells you there is an existing customer support department waiting to help you if there are any problems with your products.

A provider without an email or, more specifically, a phone number where you can speak with a person when you are having an issue is not one with whom you want to struggle. Lack of contact would be a reason to walk away and go to a more approachable supplier.

  • Do They Offer Returns? Reputable lens sellers will offer their patrons a decent return policy, including those who buy in bulk but find that their vision changes and need to return unopened boxes. Also, if the products are wrong or faulty in any way, these retailers will take the products back with no questions.

When narrowing down your choices, this question should be a priority. You do not know when you might receive an inadequate product or have an overabundance because it saves you money to buy in bulk and then need to return some. You do not want to be stuck with these because the retailer squabbles over returns.

  • Do You Have A Secure Ordering process?  All secure websites will feature a locked padlock in the browser, and the URL should start with “HTTPS” as opposed to “HTTP.” These are signs you can use without fear of when entering personal information that the site has gone through the security guidelines on the internet to obtain the appropriate features denoting it as such.

If you do not see the symbols but instead run into an “HTTP” or no padlock, these can not only be scammers, but the sites can infect your computer with viruses or different things. It is wise to genuinely avoid any web page that doesn’t carry the appropriate key features.

One thing people do not take the time to do is understand their own prescription. While the retail facility will (or should) verify the script with the practitioner, you should also understand what it says. Optometrists do not use medical language but rather standard terms, measurements, and abbreviations with their paperwork. 

When you have the examination and the prescription, ask what it all means. It is essential to take an interest in your wellness with any provider you see for your health. In this case, particularly with ordering your products online, it’s essential to understand every aspect so you can stay a step ahead of your care.

More details to pay attention to include contact information of the practitioner, plus date of the exam, date of the prescription issuance, and when it expires. You can explain all these things to the provider whom you choose to fill the prescription. 

They will take all your information, especially if they are unable to read the original. But this does not serve as the confirmation. It will be exceptionally helpful in the verification with the provider.

Final Thought

An onslaught of American people alone wears contact lenses, with a vast portion of those being young people in their early 20s. That is not speaking to the global number, which is likely massive. When you see this kind of demand for contacts, brands pop up “hand-over-fist,” claiming the best deals and optimum products. Go to for questions and answers on contacts.

A reputable, trustworthy company like Misaki is transparent with its business practices. With the number of consumers researching for the best providers, ethics like these is what most seek. 

The lenses you receive on your doorstep need to be exactly what your practitioner prescribed with no kind of creative adjustment or substitution because there was limited stock. Ensure that you check all the information on the packaging you receive to see that it matches your script. If there is any deviation, you should be able to get a refund and move on to a different supplier with little struggle.

Whether the company has a recognized reputation or not, make sure whichever company you choose to deal with has a return policy in line. You will have no issues if you receive a product that you cannot use for any reason. That should be a preliminary question when you are racing out to potential selected options. Walk away from those who have no returns or hesitate when you question the policy.

Follow your checklist, follow the optometrist’s guidelines for retailers, and learn your prescription so that you understand what you receive. You should have no problem buying contact lenses online if you do so in a responsible way.