Are you someone who loves life’s finer things but can’t afford them? Do you walk by the best department stores or bespoke clothiers and think that it should be you shopping there along with the other upper class citizens? Do you see exotic cars speeding down the highway and know that you cannot even afford to purchase the insurance on some of these cars? Do you scour travel magazines and gravitate toward the private islands or upper scale vacation destinations that only host the rich or famous?  Do you see all of these things and know that with your current salary you have no chance of ever experiencing any of them?

Well, the first thing to know is that you should never feel bad because you have great taste and want the best this life has to offer. This desire has been the driving force in many people going from unable to achieve them to living this type of lifestyle on a daily basis. So keep your enthusiasm level high. The second thing to do is to start doing things to improve your financial outlook so you can start experiencing some of the things you dream about. Here are some ideas and thoughts for you to embrace to help you move up the financial food chain and into the upper crust.

Surround Yourself with Winners | There’s an old saying that says. “If you want to see how you look, look at the people around you”. This is a true statement and means that you should surround yourself with the type of people who you want to become. In your case this means financial winners. If you see that you were spending the majority of your time around people who are working class and who will never reach financial independence, you have to get a new group of friends.

Start spending your time and places where those on a hire income level gather. Perhaps is a particular bar or social club. Maybe you need to pick up golf or tennis which tends to attract higher-income people. The key is to begin to develop relationships with this group because they will provide insight to you for how to improve your financial standing. Be sure as you begin to interact with this group, you raise your own game so they feel is if you fit in. The payoff for you can be incredible in terms of new friendships and new financial opportunities.

Push Your Luck | When you don’t have much to lose you need to constantly push for a better place than where you currently are. This means Taking chances when the chances present themselves. Perhaps there’s a job offer that is out-of-state or even out of the country. Maybe it is in a country that doesn’t have English as first language, however it’s a great opportunity and if you can do the job well, the financial rewards are great. This job description might challenge your comfort zone, but it also might put you in the financial position that you wish. Be prepared to explore opportunities like these before you turn them down.

 Another way to push your luck is to participate and games of chance. For example, one great idea is to play the lottery. The most people, the lottery is a high-stakes, unwinnable, waste of time. However, each week around the world several people become millionaires because of the lottery. This compares favorably the fortunes of those working in many industries. These days you can play lottery online and choose to participate in a lotteries in several different countries. You can pick the type of game and the odds you like and best of all you can do it all from the privacy of your own home. Putting aside a few dollars every week to play a game of chance like the lottery is actually very smart way to increase your odds of becoming wealthy.

One final thing to remember is to always keep a positive attitude. be patient with yourself and stay focused on your goals and soon you will have everything you dream of.