They say that at the casino, the house always wins, but things are a little different if you have enough cash to spare to become a high-roller.

The most valued customers to major casinos are treated to all sorts of perks and privileges, going above and beyond anything that the average punter could expect.

To give you a glimpse into the world of the high-rollers, here is a look at just a few of the benefits that come with splashing out big bucks at land-based casinos in any number of the world’s gambling hotspots.

Free accommodation & travel

It might sound too good to be true, but it is perfectly normal for high-rollers to rock up to their preferred casino venue and receive the offer of a luxuriously appointed suite for the duration of their stay without having to pay a penny.

While casinos can charge thousands of dollars a night for their top-tier rooms, it is worth it for them to give high rollers gratis access to tricked-out accommodation because these are people who will end up spending far more on the gambling floor than most other patrons combined.

While not everyone can be a gambling whale, those that do fall into this exclusive category may never need to pay for a room at a casino again, so long as they remain loyal to a particular brand, rather than playing the field and potentially diluting their chances of receiving these perks.

Another freebie that casinos will throw in for high-rollers is luxury travel, to go along with their world-class accommodation upon arrival. Some operators will even send out cars to pick high rollers up from their doorsteps, then whisk them to a private jet and fly them out for free, just to make sure they get them through the door.

Given that private jets cost a lot to charter, casinos will only bother with this if they know they will make their money back many times over when the high-roller finally gets to the tables and starts spending.

On-site shopping sprees, food & drink

Casinos recognize that high-rollers will not spend all their time on the gaming floor while they are in residence at a land-based location, and so it makes sense for them to make the rest of the experience as pleasant as possible, while also keeping them on-site to prevent them straying to other rival casinos.

One of the ways that this is achieved is by providing high-rollers with special cards that are pre-loaded with cash that they can then splurge at the stores that are housed within the typical major casino complex. This makes it easy for them to buy designer clothes, accessories, and gifts for their loved ones back home, as well as for themselves.

Likewise, they will also receive a whole host of free food and drink while they are actually gambling, as well as free or discounted meals at any one of the eateries that are found within most casinos. Once again, it is all about keeping them inside the walls of the casino at all costs.

Unique event invites & credit lines

While high-rollers may initially begin their relationship with casinos by playing at the same tables as any average Joe, once they have established a reputation and a relationship with the casino, they will likely be offered exclusive access to events from which the general public are barred.

This usually means that high-rollers can get together with one another and be paired with similarly wealthy individuals in games of chance that take place behind closed doors.

You might be surprised to learn that high-rollers do not always play with their own money; indeed it is perfectly normal for casinos to extend a line of credit to their most loyal players, with the limit usually being far beyond what anyone else would be eligible for.

This credit will of course need to be repaid in full, but it basically means that high-rollers can keep playing without needing to rearrange any of their funds if they happen to suffer a big loss.

So there you have it! The life of a high-roller is one of luxury and freebies, as well as one which is defined by a range of tactics specifically designed to keep the content during their stay and also ensure that they play and spend as much as possible while maximizing the likelihood that they will return in the future and keep contributing to the casino.