Babies are a joy to be celebrated. Baby showers are a great way to lavish new families with gifts, advice, and love. These parties can be as simple or elaborate as you want. But creating a stylish baby shower takes a little extra finesse. There are little details that go a long way to creating an elegant party. From the invitations to the food and decorations, there is a lot that goes into party planning. Consider these 7 ideas to create a stylish baby shower for the new mom and dad.  

Hire a Professional Photographer

Professional photographs are a gift. Although newer cameras on smartphones can take good pictures, pro photographers have a way of creating breathtaking images that you would pass down for generations. Hiring a pro photographer to capture the baby shower frees up your hands and ensures that everything will be remembered. They can also plan a special photo shoot just for the parents and include a gender reveal box or a colorful gender reveal confetti cannon. It’s not only a great way to start a party, but it’s also a creative option for making great photographs.

Mocktails and Cocktails

Don’t deprive the mom-to-be. Let her enjoy refreshing mocktails of some of her favorite favorites. Try cranberry spritzers with seltzer water for winter-themed parties and use pineapple and other tropical fruits for spring and summer-themed parties. You could also serve up a simple and delicious Arnold Palmer as well. Serve everything in beautiful wine glasses instead of red plastic cups to keep the vibe upscale and luxurious. You can let the non-pregnant partygoers enjoy the alcoholic options instead.

Baby shower cake


Upscale parties have a light and airy feel. They tend to be cleaner lined with decorative touches that make a big statement. You wouldn’t use a dollar store pop-out for this type of party. Welcome the new mom with heart-shaped sparklers. Think of the exits at weddings and do something like that for the entry instead. It’s a great way to take pictures of all the guests together with the new momma. Skip the streamers and decorate with white lights instead. You can use glassware and centerpieces to create a lot of light in a room. Add touches of color with fabric, flowers, or colorful glassware. Use white linens and soft colors.

Baby Shower

Rent a Restaurant or Cater

Invite everyone to an upscale restaurant for a brunch meal instead of doing the party at home. By simply having it at a nice restaurant, you’ll already have the atmosphere set for a stylish baby shower. You can offer a few different meal options from the menu instead of using the full menu. Have guests pick their meals in advance to simplify the process and let the focus be mostly on celebrating the new momma and her bundle of joy.

Another option is to cater a meal. Caterers can take a lot of pressure off the party planners and give them the freedom they want to enjoy the party as well. By hiring a caterer, you can experience more food choices and a delicious spread of menu items that look and taste amazing. Additionally, most caterers also offer allergen-friendly items when asked.

Offer Childcare

Kids are wonderful but have different needs at a party. To focus fully on the new momma as much as possible, encourage guests to leave children home with the other parent or a trusted friend. Or provide childcare onsite for those who need it. It helps to be understanding of mommas who need childcare. If one or two show up with kids, don’t sweat it. You can still have a luxurious vibe at your party even with a couple of little ones running around. There are companies that specialize in providing childcare for events like these. They come to your site and provide caregivers who are trained in CPR, have been background checked, and so much more.

Other Little Details

Purchase special gifts or party favors for the guests. Create custom invites online and mail them to the guests. While e-invites are great for some parties, upscale parties require a special touch. Getting a paper invite in the mail is the perfect touch. You can hire a designer or create your own in one of many card design programs online. Send off the new momma with good wishes, helpful tips, prayers, and a celebratory line using wedding sparklers.