With the world going into its second, or even third waves of Covid-19, then people are scrambling for things to do while locked inside again. With all of the options out there to keep yourself entertained without going insane, it is vital to find new things. This can include playing games online with friends to keep yourself sane while feeling connected at the same time.

Keeping up with friends during quarantine is important as it can keep you feeling down or depressed. Having the intellectual stimulation of playing games online can also help you to feel better when alone. There are numerous games that you can try and wonderful games that are popping up online to feel connected with the world while using your brain simultaneously.

Listed here are several options for games that you can play during these hard times:

1.    Words With Friends

One of the best options to keep yourself entertained and keep your brain exercised is to play Words with Friends. This is a great challenge to play a version of Scrabble online and on your phone with your friends. You can find word combinations at unscramble.org when you get stuck on a combination of words. You can also choose to play with family members or even strangers who are matched at the same level as you. It is challenging and fun at the same time. You are even allowed to chat with your opponent on the side whenever you like.

2.    Minecraft

Minecraft is another option for playing a game that requires a team mode. In fact, you can include up to eight friends on one online game of Minecraft, which will keep you feeling connected to many of your friends as you all embark on an online adventure together. You can choose different modes as a group and participate in either creative mode or survival mode. There are many mechanics levels offered in Minecraft, and it can be a creative yet challenging game for people of all ages. If you want your kids to get into engineering, this is the game to set those challenges.

3.    Sea Of Thieves

Another fun online game to play in the Sea of Thieves. This is an exciting game that can take you on a journey away from your house that you are quarantining in and straight to a journey in the seas and with Pirates. You can add up to three friends on your pirate journey where you can all work together to find treasure and skillfully navigate tricky waters full of battles and fun.

child playing games

4.    Pokemon Go

Yep, this is still around, and it has only gotten better during the quarantine. Now, with Pokemon Go, you can walk around your home to find the Pokemon that are hiding all over the world, including in your home or backyard. They can be hidden anywhere in your house, and you may even need to look around your yard to find them. This is an active game that can keep you on your toes and keep you moving during all of this downtime. With the Covid-19 features, you can now find more Pokemon in and around your home than ever before, making the perfect ‘active’ game to play around your house.

5.    Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a game that involves, well, exploding kittens. This is an online game that involves playing cards with friends, family, or even strangers online. It offers the chance to have something fun to do while awaiting the card that is an exploding kitten. If you get this card, you will have to wait for a diffuser card set up to diffuse the exploding kitten situation and save the kitten while keeping you in the game.

As there are numerous options online that you can find to keep yourself entertained, some games are just more fun than others. It is important to keep up a social life with others, whether it is playing games through Zoom or playing with friends online together at the same time.

With all of the fun online options that are available today, you’ll find yourself addicted to several new online games that will keep you mentally engaged and can have some laughs with your friends at the same time. You can play these together online while having a happy hour cocktail and a few snacks. Before long, the quarantine will be over, and you’ll find yourself still sitting at home and laughing with your friends online.