The day that you start working, you soon realize that the majority of your time will not be spent at home or with your friends as anticipated, but actually at the office. A large portion of your day and your life will be spent with the confines of your place of work. So it only makes sense that you begin to consider how exactly you want this space to be designed. This is crucial because your surroundings affect your mood and your ability to focus. If this all sounds alien to you and you don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve made a list of guidelines that will help make your workspace a sight for sore eyes and somewhere you truly want to be.

Statement & Functional Furniture

It’s no surprise that the furniture is the essence of any workspace. This is why it’s so important that you don’t just settle for the standard, boring pieces that you’d normally pick. There are so many great options these days that make a statement as well as being conveniently functional. Eames is known for its lounge chairs that are said to be extremely comfortable, but the price point is a bit steep for some people. However, you’ll find that with some research, you’ll be able to get the best Eames chair reproduction options to pick from. These chairs look classy, are really comfortable to sit in, and will really be a focal point in your office. The same goes for other things such as your desk- there are amazing options that allow you to keep your keyboard and paperwork without looking too clunky. You can have a variety of storage options as well so that you’re able to keep the office clutter-free and classy at the same time.


If you want to give your office a unique touch that will certainly be pleasing to the eyes, then you can’t pass on getting some artwork put in. You can either search on the internet or make time to go to art galleries and antique shops to find that statement piece that will be the prize of your office. Think about getting a painting that appeals to you, and that also goes well with the interior, or you could opt for a sculpture instead of making a statement.

A Touch of the Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like the effect of nature to give us a sense of peace. And since you’re going to be stuck in your office all day, then it only makes sense that you bring the outdoors in! Think about getting a couple of indoor plants and place them strategically in your office. Bonsai trees come in all shapes and sizes and look amazing. You can also get a mini fountain put in if the sound of water soothes you. Having a touch of nature added to your office will not only look great, but you will be amazed at how calming it can be- it will allow you to focus better and ease your nerves.

Subtle Lighting

One can never underestimate the power of what good lighting can do for a certain space and those who occupy it. When it comes to natural light, make sure that you have the ability to manipulate it so that it is neither too much or too little, and so that you can control how much natural light comes in on your office at any given the time of day. Think about blinds and curtains that are manageable, but also look good. It’s important that the light hits the right spots in the office as well. The way you set up your light fixtures is imperative to how the final look of your office will turn out. You need to have a number of them put in, and make sure that they are put in the right spots. Over your artwork, on your workspace, on your books or paperwork, and so on. You also want to be able to control the intensity of brightness, so consider having a dimmer option put in.

The office is not just the place you go to work, it’s also a place where you spend a considerable amount of time in, and it only seems right to ensure that it reflects your style while helping you stay focused as well. If you follow the tips provided, you’re bound to transform what was probably once a dull and uninviting space, to an office that you look forward to walking into on a daily basis.