Sometimes, the depths that people go to in order to fix a problem around the house, ends up biting them squarely on the behind. The effort actually should be commended because it means you care. There’s always a story going around online that details the difficult moments where a dad has attempted to do what dads do, fix things around the house, but instead, ends up harming rather than helping the situation. Again, we’ve all been there! Plumbers in Scarborough knows how to do it right. Being skilled in one aspect of life doesn’t give you the superpower of understanding how everything else in the world works. When it comes to plumbing, the consequences of getting it wrong are rather unpleasant and can end up being a pain in the neck. It’s important to know when to stop and hand the problem over to professionals, but if you’re going to attempt to sort out the issue yourself, here are ten ways to avoid plumbing problems, so next time you give it a go, you’ll know what to avoid.

1) Master the main Water Supply

Always turn off the main water supply so that you avoid the most common plumbing reference in movies, that of a self-inflicted burst pipe in the bathroom, wet feet and a few tears later and the family are off to sleep at a fancy hotel for a few evenings.

2) Easy Arnold…

You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger when you do plumbing work. Yes, plumbers are all strong and handsome, every one of them, but if you tighten fittings too much the most common thing that happens is that you end up stripping the unit.

3) Heater Hooter

If you empty your water tank before going on holiday or if you’re moving and leaving your house unattended, make sure you refill the water tank before turning the heat on.

 4) Go to School

This type of school is similar to the school of hard knocks. You should take the time to learn how to fix the problem at hand. Read wisely and ask questions, call a friend you know who did his plumbing apprenticeship.

5) Become a Star

First, turn on the video mode on your phone. It’s time you work the camera. If you’re attempting installation of intricate parts, film yourself to make sure you know exactly what goes where and where it all goes together.

6) Be a Metal Head

Corrosion is the cause of mixing two different types of metal and water, why? well, we won’t go into the chemistry of exactly as to why this happens, however, in order to get things right, you need to learn how to insulate the different metals.

7) Tools

Always have the right tools for the job.

8) Stop the Killer!

Don’t use drain killer, it’s bad for your pipes.

9) Leaky Faucet

When a tap continues to run even after you’ve tightened the faucet with the strength of the Incredible Hulk in Thor Ragnorak…Stop! You’re doing it wrong. Remember, you have to dismantle the faucet and fix it from there.

10) Pull the plug

Installing a garbage disposal unit seems like it would be pretty simple to do until you turn it on and there is water inside of it. This often happens if you forget to remove the knockout plug.