The entire process of moving from one house to another can be a headache and a lot of hard work. But the processes even before the move could be more tedious for others since selling and buying houses are involved.

Young or newer homeowners might consider selling their homes as a monumental decision, so they want to make sure everything is done correctly to avoid future problems. The first and perhaps the most challenging hurdle they need to overcome is how to sell it successfully. Thus, they always weigh each decision’s pros and cons, which is understandable for this situation.

If you’re one such owner, here are three main ways of selling a house, including the pros and cons of each to give you an idea of where to start.

1. Sell Your House To A Home Buying Company

One of the simplest and fastest methods to sell your house is to connect with a home buying company. These companies specialize in buying homes by giving the owner cash in hand, and they proceed to do the hard work of finding another buyer to make a profit.


  • Closing is almost always guaranteed: Once you get an offer, the company can close quickly and hand you the money as soon as possible.
  • Sell on the spot: If you’re looking to sell a house as-is, you can go with this method because there’s no need to invest or make any major changes to the home to sell it. The company will get your house as-is; they’ll do the fixing themselves. This way, you get the money in your hands fast.


  • You might not sell at market value: Many companies that dedicate themselves to buying houses as-is make a profit by paying a little under market value or getting a good bargain on a property. This is because they have to purchase it and leave enough room to make a profit for themselves. Even though these companies will buy your house in a matter of minutes and pay right away, you might be getting a bit less than you expected.

2. Sell The House Yourself

Another option is to sell your house. Some homeowners automatically think that this is probably one of the best ways to sell a house and get the most money out of it. There would be challenges, for sure, so it all boils down to one’s readiness to take this task to hand.


  • More money in your pocket: Realtors will charge you a commission based on your home’s value. Eliminating the need for one will save you thousands of dollars.
  • Have complete control: Selling a house can be a headache, especially when you depend on other people to make decisions. When you hire a real estate agent, they will tell you how to market, price, and sell your home. When you sell your home by yourself, you’re giving yourself complete control over every last detail.


  • It’s not as easy as it looks: You have to realize that you will have to do everything from beginning to end, including marketing the home and showing it. This can be harder than it seems since most people don’t just know a bunch of people interested in buying a house.

real estate agent selling your house

3. Pay A Professional To Sell Your House

Paying a professional to sell your house is perhaps the most popular way to do it. You can talk to several real estate agents or Realtors before finalizing on one.


  • Someone else will do the hard work for you: This is the biggest pro about hiring an agent, as they will be the one to take care of all the paperwork and deal with prospective buyers. You don’t have to worry about anything as far as setting up the home, finding a buyer, closing, and doing paperwork are concerned.
  • Faster than selling your home on your own: Usually, hiring an agent will expedite the process of selling your home. These agents are professionals with a wide network of people who constantly contact them to look for a home to buy. Finding the right agent can mean they already have clients lined up and ready to look at your home.


  • You will have to pay out commissions: Even though the agent will do all the hard work, you have to remember they aren’t doing it for free. Most real estate agents make a living by charging a percentage of your property’s sale amount, which is known as a commission. So, hiring an agent will just be adding to the expenses you’re required to cover when selling your home.

 The Final Decision

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are many ways to do it, and you need to pursue the right path. Weighing these pros and cons could help in pinpointing what you need when you need it. Remember to thoroughly research the different ways you can sell your house and cross-reference your findings with your plans before making a final decision.