If you’re in the market for the cabin, it’s important that you keep certain qualities in mind. You may not think cabin shopping is a very complex process, but there are many factors to consider before buying your cabin. This article will discuss some of the qualities to look for when purchasing a cabin.


The place where the cabin is located is a huge factor when looking for a cabin to buy. Some people might want their cabin shells to be in the mountains, while others may prefer it near a lake or oceanfront property. It all depends on what you’re going to use the shed for and what kind of places you prefer. Make sure to consider the location before making any purchase decisions.

  • If you want your cabin to be near mountains, find out if there are ski resorts or other mountainous activities nearby 
  • Ensure that oceanfront property is accessible and not too far from your cabin so it’s easy to visit when needed
  • If you want a cabin in the woods, make sure there are trees to provide shade and privacy
  • Keep an eye out for hunting areas nearby if that’s what you’re going into the cabin for. Make sure it’s not close enough to your cabin so people can hear gunshots clearly from outside 


You should also consider the size of the cabin that you want to buy. You might think that it is just a cabin, but there are different sizes, and how comfortable it will depend on it for some people. If you have children or pets then they would need more space in which case you should consider buying one with an additional bedroom inside so everyone can feel at home.

This, of course, affects the price of the cabin. If you are anticipating that it will be used by a lot of people then you should go for one with more bedrooms even if it is slightly bigger than what you had imagined.

It also depends on how many days per year you want to stay there. For instance, some cabins have two bathrooms so only those who really need them would use them and others can just share one bathroom which makes sharing easier but still gives everyone their own privacy when they feel like taking a moment alone or waking up earlier than the rest of the group during your vacation together.


There are different amenities in different cabin models. Some owners prefer a hut with all the amenities while others like to buy it as they go and add components along the way. 

Amenities typically include the following:

  • appliances
  • cabinetry
  • countertops
  • flooring
  • fixtures and more! 

You can also consider adding on some of these options after purchasing your cabin such as an outdoor kitchen or jacuzzi tub for example! Always consider how long you’ll be staying there and what you need. The longer you stay, the more amenities you’ll need.


It’s crucial for you to consider what kind of utilities a cabin has before you buy it. For example, does the cabin have electricity? What about internet access or cell phone reception? It’s important to figure out if utilities will be accessible in your cabin so that you can plan accordingly and bring any necessary tools with you on your vacation.

If there is no electricity at all, then consider bringing things like lamps, lanterns for light throughout the day, etc. However, make sure not to overload outlets because chances are they won’t be up to code – which means they might overheat easily! 

Make sure that fresh water is available near the cabin and determine if it will come from an outside source (i.e., well). Otherwise, you’ll have to bring your own water so it’s essential to know this in advance.

Nearby accessibility means that you think hard about how close the cabin is to amenities like gas stations, grocery stores, etc. If you need certain supplies for your cabin during your stay, make sure that it’s not too difficult to get them while staying at the cabin.

This one might seem obvious, but some people forget that they’ll want access to their cell phone or internet when on vacation. Just make sure this is available before buying an isolated cabin!


You always want your property to be safe when you are not there. You need to make sure that the cabin is secure in order to buy the right one. There should be sturdy doors and locks, as well as security cameras around your cabin property for extra assurance.

When looking at them online, pay attention to all details like the quality of windows and doors so you know what kind of security measures will come with it if you decide to purchase it. Ensure any surrounding areas have proper crime prevention methods in place such as a police presence or other enhanced surveillance systems nearby where the cabin would be located.

You also want to ensure people can enjoy staying on your vacation rental without worrying about their safety while they’re there due to the lack of adequate security features throughout the home or neighborhood which might affect potential renters’ decision to book your cabin.

Maintenance Fees

You don’t want to get stuck with huge bills every month! Make sure to look at the cabin’s maintenance fees before making a final decision. The place you are looking for should not have too high of monthly dues, or else it might limit your ability to enjoy all that cabin life can offer you.

This is why it’s important to think about what amenities come with the cabin and how much they cost separately. For example, if an initial fee includes access to things like tennis courts and pools, but then additional pool passes cost $100 per person each time they visit (for up to four people) plus another $50 cleaning fee every time someone has used the facility after themselves, then this costs could really add up over time. 

Do the math and make sure it pays off to buy the particular cabin in question.

cabin in the woods

Having a cabin can be a blast but you need to go over the essential qualities first. Make sure it’s in a good place and that it’s big enough for everyone who’d come out. Look into the amenities and utilities it offers along with the security features. Finally, look into if you’re going to get stuck with huge bills if you get it. If everything on the list checks out, you’ve found your perfect cabin!